Friday, July 25, 2008

Destination Disney -- Other Orlando Activities

I have bad news, folks. This is the last Destination Disney that I will be hosting here. I should have stopped when I had gone through the information that I wanted to share from my trip, but you all begged and pleaded to continue.

However, my heart isn't in it (since I don't have a lot of information on these topics). If one of you would like to take it over and host on your site, please contact me, and I will think about transferring all of it to you, and passing the word about its new home (and adding it into my archived posts).

So, with that out of the way:

The topic this week is "Other Orlando Activities." Some of you have mentioned off-site shopping for good deals--let us here them. Is there a place you and your family loves to eat? Dish up the details.

I was going to cover Universal Studios separately, but now if you would like to go ahead and mention your experiences there, or at Sea World, let us know.

What do you do when you leave the House of Mouse?


Julie said...

I hate to see the fun stop! I have enjoyed sharing my family's experiences at Disney World. Thanks for hosting while you did.

Kristenc said...

Unfortunately, I don't have any Orlando related tips or stories to share. For us, Orlando is simply the gateway to Disney World, and we can't get through that gateway and into Disney World fast enough!

I am reminded that all good things must come to an end as I see the news that this carnival is closing. Thank you so much for hosting it. You introduced me to the world of blogging, and I really appreciate that. I had a great time participating in your carnival, and I look forward to all of the future fun I will have reading your great blog.

May you have a wonderful weekend!

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