Thursday, July 10, 2008

Destination Disney -- Wow

This week is a photo carnival, with the topic "Wow."

There are so many things that could inspire a "Wow" in the Magic Kingdom, so let's see it.

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Isn't seeing Cinderella's castle a big wow?

How about being ushered to the gated area that all the celebs go for their private pictures?

How about having your picture taken by a professional Walt Disney World photographer?

That's Amy and Gabrielle soaking up the star treatment with me (even though I am not sporting the star look--I was wearing my comfy sneakers because it was a walking day, but that whole outfit does nothing for me).

Upcoming themes:
July 25: Destination Disney -- Other Orlando Activities (not other theme parks)
August 8: Photo-- Hot
August 22: Destination Disney -- Animal Kingdom
September 5: Photo -- Cool . . . .

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Kristenc said...

Hi Jennifer,

I have a couple of Wow! moments that I just linked. Don't want to spoin the surprise but one of my Wow! moments includes complete strangers...
See you real soon!