Thursday, July 03, 2008

Feel Free to Stage an Intervention

Maybe I should call this the "guilty pleasures" this and that. . . .

I have to admit to turning up my nose at People magazine readers. Those I know who read it look forward to their weekly issue with excitement. They love being in the know about things that no one really needs to know about. I've wondered why an otherwise intelligent person would care.

But if someone is reading it on an airplane, I peek over their shoulder to catch a glimpse of who A-List Celebrity is dating this week. I haven't been reduced to reading it in the checkout line (I must keep up appearances, you know), but if I see a curiosity-inducing headline, I've been known to call my sister-in-law to find out the scoop.

When I got an offer in the mail to receive Entertainment Weekly for only $10--for the whole year--I couldn't refuse. Since I have started reviewing most of the DVDs on 5 Minutes for Mom, I justified it for journalistic reasons (and in fact, I'm sure that I received the offer from one of the PR firms with whom I've worked).

Three weeks into my subscription, I am breathlessly awaiting each issue as it arrives in my mailbox. Go figure.


Terry and I have watched the past 24 seasons on DVD. We started after the first 2 seasons, but had no desire to catch up so that we could watch the new season live. Terry rightly observed that it was too stressful to watch it for 24 straight weeks. He didn't think that his heart could handle the stress of the excitement and cliffhangers week after week after week.

We had been on a long hiatus (for the health of our hearts), but we decided that this summer was a good time to tackle season 6, so we reinstated our Netflix account for this purpose (busy weekends and our new love of Redbox had caused our mailed movies not to be watched in a timely fashion, so we canceled our account and saved the monthly fee). Last weekend, we zipped through all 4 episodes on the first disc. We just watched two more last night on disc 2.

We're hooked.


Speaking of unhealthy addictions--I've recently discovered Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili chips in the purple bag. They are quite delicious.

What's your guilty pleasure?


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I'm currently drinking a 2 qt. pitcher of sweet tea a day. By myself. I just blame it on the baby. = )

Anonymous said...

That is so funny that you fell in love with the chips! Hannah and I got People for 6 months for Christmas, we loved getting it, but it is way to expensive! We have just become addicted to the new show Wipeout, just silly and fun! Definitely a boy type show (probably why Hannah doesn't watch with us). martha

heather said...

The Office and Scrubs. I can't help myself.

Kimberly Coleman/Mom in the City said...

Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino (extra caramel)-I have to pace myself due to the expense AND calories!

Kelsey said...

Too funny about the magazines! They are addicting!

Carrie said...

Homemade frappucinos. Every morning. Sigh.

I laughed over your snubbing your nose at People magazine readers. My husband HATES the magazine but everytime I can snatch one up, I do. I'd sometimes rather read entertainment news that world. Probably because it's fantastical, unbelievable, and is not life threatening to me personally. It's like stress relief. You just can't believe what people in Hollywood will do!

Beck said...

OH THOSE CHIPS. I cannot have them in my house or I will eat the WHOLE HUGE BAG OF THEM.
People magazine is my required post-partum reading.

Jen Rouse said...

My husband and I have been watching old episodes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" on I used to watch Buffy in college but it's been 10 years since I've watched an episode. Really, the writing is quite witty; that's my excuse for loving a series about vampires and other pretend supernatural creatures. And my husband likes it just as much as I do, though he might not appreciate me advertising that fact to the world :)

Susanne said...

I love those chips. Now that you've reminded me of them I need to go get a bag.

Let's see blogging, Southern Butter Pecan International Delight, Creme Brulee which hubby is learning to make and perfecting so we're getting lots of samples.

Katrina said...

I recently "discovered" Lost and spent quite a while catching up on the past seasons online. Other guilty pleasure: 2 Nestle "Treasures" (Milk Chocolate & Caramel) as my chocolate treat of the day.

Velveteen Mind- Megan said...

I adored my Entertainment Weekly subscription. It was just a flat out fun magazine to read. I think I felt like I was about the fray re. People and rag mags like that because, hey, this was entertainment industry stuff, not just gossip.

But I always read the gossip first.

Ooh, and I am a Blockbuster online junkie. We didn't have cable until last week, so I ordered all of the seasons of Deadliest Catch and Dirty jobs for my TV fix. Plus, I have the plan where you can swap out your movies for ones in the store plus have your next in-queue mailed simultaneously, so I was catching all kinds of awesome new-ish movies.

Ooh, and did you mention something remotely related to nachos? Good grief, I love you.