Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I Found the Antidote!

Today in my mailbox, I found a special "corporate offer" for another magazine:

46 Issues, one year, of New York magazine for $13.97.

I don't know much about New York magazine at all. But it's New York. The liberal, intellectual-loving city on the East coast. The heart of publishing. It must be high-brow and high class.

I told Terry, "If that is not the complete opposite to an addiction to Entertainment Weekly, I don't know what is."

He asked me, "Have you ever read it? It makes the long articles in my Texas Monthly look like nothing."

"That's my point."

I've often told Terry that I am not smart enough to read those articles. They're too long and intellectual for me. I think it has more to do with the delivery. Magazines are supposed to be light and fluffy. They can give me information, but it should come in catchy little bulleted lists.

"This question might prove that I'm really not worthy to read this magazine, but are New York magazine and the New Yorker the same or different?"


"Are you sure that the long intellectual article that you read online was from New York and not the New Yorker?" I asked, after checking out the two websites.

"Maybe you're right," he said upon further investigation. "The other headlines here are about Spitzer's daughter's date to prom, and something about A-Rod, but the article I read about politics was really long."

So perhaps I'm not redeeming myself after all, but at about 30 cents an issue, including special issues on the Best of New York, Fall Fashion, and Best Places to Eat, I just can't say no.

If the New Yorker magazine offer comes in, I'll accept it, and I'll dutifully read it each week before I dig into my brain candy, I promise.

Honest truth--in my mailbox today was also an offer for 6 weeks of People free.

I declined. In fact, I buried it deep in my trashcan. A girl's gotta have limits.

It's sort of like drinking a Diet Coke with a double cheeseburger and fries. Maybe the damage has already been done, but I'm not going to push it over the edge by adding a chocolate milkshake to the mix.


I feel the need to confess the truth about my re-entry. I neither restocked the fridge, nor did even one load of laundry. However, I did prepare a nice meal for dinner (with what was available without shopping), and played outside with Kyle today, and took him to the library as promised.

So until I get to the grocery store and complete at least one load of laundry, I guess I'm still in limbo.


Susanne said...

Too funny. I'm so not into long winded intellectual articles in a magazine, yet why is that what is always available in waiting rooms? Strange.

At A Hen's Pace said...

Hmmm. The only magazine I read cover to cover, almost, is Reader's Digest!

What does that say about me?



Anonymous said...

OK, mail came and I got a chance to get Rachel Ray's Simple magazine for 70% off!!! So guess what I am getting! Don't tell Steve! Martha

Beck said...

All of the magazines I read - EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. - are food-oriented.
Well, except for Family Fun. So I don't judge!

Darcie said...

I'm still in shock that you THREW AWAY the free 6 months of People offer. Girl have you gone mad? Don't you know what they charge for that?!