Monday, July 07, 2008


We are back from our weekend trip. You know what that means--going through mail (although since it was a holiday weekend, we didn't have too much mail, other than my awaited-for Entertainment Weekly magazine), doing laundry, restocking the fridge. Good times.

Thankfully, we managed to avoid holiday traffic, by waiting a few hours to leave on Thursday. Sunday was light as well, which leads me to believe that people really are sticking closer to home this summer.

I am also thankful that my in-laws like dogs in general, and my dog in specific. Apparently, shedding is not her worst fault (if you haven't checked out that post, and you have a dog--click on over). On Friday, we noticed that she was playing with the drain spout in the backyard. We thought that it was either an old one that she found beside the house, or was down. No, she had ripped it off the house! We assume that a chipmunk had gone up, and she was trying to foil his plan.

Then, Friday afternoon she got upset that we had left her, and ate her way out of the backyard. A neighbor found her at 5pm and put her in their basement.

Like I said, she's lucky. Most grandparents probably don't invite the dog along with the rest of the family. Ours do, but if she keeps this up, they may rescind her invitation.

The DC fireworks were very cool. I think the cloudy weather made the colors fill the sky more. I don't remember that from past displays.

As you know, I love New York City, but there's something equally cool about driving through town and coming upon the Capitol, the White House, or the Jefferson memorial. Awe-inspiring.


Monica @ Paper Bridges said...

our weekend was too rainy. glad you had a great time.

Darcie said...

I'm right there in that post trip recovery stage with ya. But it must have been so awesome to see the fireworks in DC.

Katrina said...

Camden would love to see the fireworks in DC (I'm sure I would too). And too funny (or not) about the dog's adventures. Glad she hasn't been permanently banished from the in-laws' place.