Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Snapshot in the Wild

Our garbage and our front porch have been invaded by a masked bandit.

A confident fox has recently made a few appearances.

We've seen deer, wild turkeys, pheasants, and all manner of birdlife (not to mention several manner of rodents).

Amanda spotted a nest in our tree. I later saw a robin sitting in the nest. In spite of thick green foliage I did manage to spy some of those unbelievably blue eggs, and later we could witness the baby birds as the mama took care of them.

We've seen quite a few deer lately, and throughout the summer there has been evidence of them enjoying our garden.

The dog cornered a groundhog who gnashed its teeth and pressed itself against our high basement window. That was sort of freaky.

We've lived here for four years, and while we saw the occasional deer or pheasant or wild turkey in earlier months, for some reason the last six months has been an animal free-for-all.

Have you seen Enchanted? You know the scene where the princess calls all the animals to come to her aid? That cracked me up, but now it's not so funny. I'm beginning to think that she's camped out somewhere sounding the call to all the animals in the area.

Katrina recently reposted about the way she takes care of animals that come to her home. I was amused by it when she first published it, and thought I could relate, but two years later with the open season of wild animals in the Snapshot house. . . it's more like a practical manual that I need to memorize.


Katrina said...

Ha! Glad to be of service.

My sister-in-law calls me Snow White because animals love me and follow me, just as they loved SW. I'd be happy if the animals decided to follow someone else, though. :)

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

We had wild turkeys in the front yard a couple of weeks ago. I am NOT in a rural area! Mostly we have squirrels, skunks, and cats. We once had a possum die in the backyard. And this summer a rabbit has decided our backyard makes for a tasty salad. The only one that bothers me is the skunk. I could do without Pepe LePew!

Dad said...

We were only the 8th residents of our section in a new development. Although, it is in Cypress, we are certainly a part of Metro Houston.
But, we have coyotes. At least 3 adults and 2 young pups. Two followed us late one evening we walked the dogs. Susan was freaking, but when I turned toward them they fled.
Last week our plastic downspot, which was partially buried in the plant bed, was lying in the front yard. When I asked the builder if his people had erroneously dug it up, he said no. So we all examined the area. Conclussion: A coyote had chased a mouse or rabbitt (we found fur) into the drain, grabbed the pipe in his teeth (saw teeth marks), and pulled it out. Guess he got his prey.