Saturday, July 12, 2008

Walk it Off

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling funky (not like shake-your-booty funky, but funky blue).

Writing up that post about what I missed about Amanda made me miss her more (in case there are any doubts, I still don't miss the bickering a bit). That's one reason that I have a pretty firm "no talking" policy when separated.

Talking makes you each miss the other more. I know that I am way way waaaay in the minority here. Terry and I did not call home when were gone a full seven days (really eight since we left pre-dawn one morning and returned a week later at midnight).

In the event that you think I'm a horrible parent, when Terry and I were separated a semester when we were dating, we didn't talk on the phone much either. In fact, when he was traveling after we were married, we didn't always talk in the early years. We do now (mostly because he calls to keep in touch with the kids maybe? Or maybe he just loves me more now).

We did talk to her twice this week, where she said she was having a great time, but she'd be having a better time if I was there.

Two thoughts diverged in a blog post, and I took the more rambling one, and that, that has made for a long and incohesive blog post.

What I meant to say was I was missing Amanda, and I was worried because she either has been missing us a good bit, or is actually suffering from a stomach-hurting ailment.

So, instead of sitting around and fretting, I took Kyle and the dog for a walk. We stopped at the stream and threw rocks, and I didn't have to carry him once.

We tried to walk it off, which works for me much better than Org Junkie Laura's suggestion to "Eat the Frog." She mentioned that a while ago, and I'm not sure if it's a weird Canadian thing, but I can't stop thinking about it. Why would one eat a frog? I mean, I understand that's the analogy, as she explained, "Just do what you don't want to do," but it falls short somewhere.

Of course, eating while worried or upset or procrastinating is an effective tool for me as well, so maybe I'll just fry me up some frog legs.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I've thought about that frog comment a lot lately, too!

I think you are perfectly normal not to call. We don't usually call either. That lesson was driven home to me in our pre-child days when we babysat 4 children overnight. It was actually the 2nd night the parents had been gone. And don't you know they called that night. Even though they were coming home the next day. AND they called right before bedtime. Everyone had been calm and cooperative before that. NOT after the phone call. Tears, talking back, arguing. I vowed then never to do that to a babysitter.

Just last month I had a girl's overnight in a hotel just down the road. My two friends both called home and spoke to husbands and one spoke to children. They had just seen them a few hours before and would see them again the next day. I totally don't understand that thinking. We operate on the "if I need you, I'll call" plan.

Sorry to hijack your comments. = )

Org Junkie said...

LOL, silly girl I didn't come up with that on my own. It's actually a book by Brian Tracy where he discusses 21 ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time.

Hope that helps!

Jen Rouse said...

I had fried frog legs once and thought they were good--tasted like chicken. Cliche, but true.

Dianne said...

Eat that frog. That's an expression we use at work to remind us to just get the job done, tackle the nasty stuff. (It's all nasty to me!!). I think it's actually one of those business ideas, kind of like "who moved my cheese."

It's good that you miss your girl and are exploring how you feel about it. I've enjoyed both of these posts. And I agree with your "no calling" policy. It can take you in either direction, and if you know it gets you down, why bother?

Karla E said...

Jennifer, Matt flew to Denver this week ON HIS OWN. I missed him a bit...but we've discovered texting. He texts me when he wants to tell me something, and I do the same.

Cmommy said...

Oh, hugs! My oldest son did not leave this summer, but he has in the past and I'd miss him bigtime.

I was checking out the 5minutesforbooks site and it looks great! Congrats!!

Katrina said...

Aw, sorry Amanda and you were both feeling a bit down. Hope she's home safely and you're both feeling better.

I admit, I'm a call-er. Chad calls me at least once/day when he's out of town and if he and I are both gone (which is rare), I do call home.

As for frogs, I had frog legs once in high school, when I wanted to convince my parents that I *did too* try new things. Not to be cliche, but they tasted like chicken.