Saturday, July 19, 2008


Kyle has been looking forward to seeing WALL-E ever since we saw one of those early early preview teasers in the theater. The reviews have been fantastic, so my excitement level has been building, too. We were out of town opening weekend, and then we just had our busiest week of the summer, so I kept saying we'd see it "after VBS week." I made other plans for Monday, and I didn't want to already have the first two days of my non-scheduled week occupied, so I decided that we'd go on Friday afternoon.

I had money in my weekly budget left over, so we ate popcorn and drank Diet Pepsi (a lunch-ish supplement to the cheese and crackers they ate while I was loading up my car after VBS), and I even gave Amanda $3.50 to buy Dippin' Dots from the vending machine, thus ending her ability to moan, "I've never ever even had Dippin' Dots."

I don't like to give too much of a plot synopsis, because of my own weird quirk of liking to be as "fresh" (ignorant) as possible going into a movie so as to really experience the magic (for more plot, check out these two reviews), but there was a great story with a little heart-thumping excitement as well as some thought-provoking themes: two robots who cared for each other in a self-sacrificing way as they truly learned to love; what could happen to our earth if we continue to buy "Big N Large" and consume and throw away; what our responsibilities to our earth are; and even a bit of a hint at what our plugged-in lives might be leading to. None of these themes were heavy-handed or preachy, but their inclusion turned a cute, fun, well-animated kids' movie into a film worth watching.

There are some games on the official WALL-E site that I plan on letting Kyle check out to extend the magic.

Was it worth the $35 that I shelled out (and even had I not splurged on snacks--$21 for admission)? That's steep, and I try to remain ignorant about that element as well by just not thinking about it after I've paid up. All I know is that we did have a great afternoon that we all enjoyed. Pixar movies are by far my favorites, and this one didn't disappoint. Kyle (4) loved it, and sat through the entire 97 minutes without wanting to leave or go to the bathroom or asking when it was over. Amanda (9) said it was good, but since she wasn't quite as captivated by the deeper themes as I was, and wasn't quite as impressed with the cute robots as Kyle was, her review was "It was okay."


One of my favorite features at 5 Minutes for Books is Books on Screen where we will be looking at book adaptations on the big and small screen each Thursday. I gave my thoughts on Curious George this week, and last week Melissa reviewed Kit Kittredge: An American Girl (which is on our list to see as well).


Lisa writes... said...

We all loved Wall-e, maybe my younger two (8 and 10) more so than my older two (12 and 14), but a consensus all the same. Pixar rocks (though the Toy Stories are by far my favs)!

Org Junkie said...

I was so disappointed in this movie I can't even begin to tell you. I'm a HUGE Pixar fan and I thought it didn't even come close to the standards they've set for themselves with their other movies. I had pretty high expectations for it.

Kate said...

thanks for the review...i thought it looked good too! we have a habit of waiting til the movies come out on dvd to see it....but i LOVE LOVE to go to the theater!!! :D glad y'all had a fun time together!

Iva said...

I didn't care for it. The kids loved it. I thought it was a bit too political...but that's just me. The kids totally got the whole sit-on-your-bum-and-get-fat thing as well as the spacing out in front of the boob that was good.

I, too, love Pixar movies. This one just wasn't my favorite.

Karla E said...

Not my favorite either. Both boys (6 and 9) liked it. My husband and I tolerated it. The animation was good...typical Pixar. I really could not tolerate the "no dialog" thing...and this is from me a TOTALLY visual person. Also, I thought the "Fat American", "Big Box store", "we create too much trash" thing was overdone.

Oh, and Jennifer, you are good...our movie adventures usually end up being somewhere in the $50 range. Of course, we usually have a friend or two with us. And we ALWAYS do popcorn...if you buy a large, they have free refills.

Katrina said...

Thanks for your thoughts on this one -- it's one we want to see. I read an interview with the writer (a Christian) and enjoyed hearing what he had to say.

I hear you on the cost of movies. We probably only go once or twice a year... it just doesn't seem worth it when we an do it for under $10 (including snacks, a pause button, and clean bathrooms) if we wait until we can rent.