Friday, August 08, 2008

Destination Disney -- Hot

As I mentioned HERE, I am not going to be hosting Destination Disney here anymore. I ran out of material to post, so my heart wasn't in it.

However, Heidi's heart IS in it. She was excited to take it up, so I passed it on to her.

You can add the link to your photo that says "Hot," directly at her blog. I think she is going to be following the same schedule that we came up with (view the schedule HERE), so please join in.


Kristenc said...

Yeah:) I love surprises, and you can't beat Disney related ones! I will pick out a picture to scan and post it later. Thanks for sharing the news that Heidi will be the new hostess for the carnival. Have a great weekend!

ReviewsbyHeidi said...

Thanks for sharing, Jennifer. I hope some of your readers will continue to participate.