Monday, August 25, 2008

Looking Back at Summer

Okay, it's still summer for a bit. Fall will officially start later next month (and I will be joining in as always with Katrina's Fall Reading Challenge), but we just returned from our summer vacation and school starts for Amanda on Wednesday, so it's a good time to look back.

I had some goals this summer. I wanted a nice mix of complete R&R and enough activity to keep the kids entertained. I wanted time to read. I wanted to spend some good quality time with the kids -- reading with them and playing games and such. I wanted to keep a clean house and get more organized. I wanted to prepare healthy meals for the family.

Well . . . as I think I've mentioned a few times, it has been a great summer. Amanda had at least one play-date each week, we've swum many times this summer. In addition to vacation, we've visited friends' pools, and I endured the town pool a few times.

I have probably left the children alone to entertain themselves a bit more than I had hoped or planned (meaning that they watched TV and played the computer a good bit), but we had some definite quality time as well. They got to attend the premiere of Fly Me to the Moon in 3-D with me (which I finally reviewed today at 5 Minutes for Mom), which was a highlight for all of us. We had a fun family vacation, and visits from friends, and went camping with friends (with a true Labor Day end-of-summer trip planned for next weekend as well).

I not only prepared some decent meals for my family, but got Amanda involved in cooking as well (a practice that she wants to continue through the fall).

I did a fair job of keeping the house up, and did tackle a few closets and nooks and crannies.

We are racing towards the finish line as far as being ready for school. I purchased school supplies and such before our vacation, but as far as the math facts that I wanted Amanda to review and solidify -- well, that was a good vacation driving activity. We are still working on it.

What about you? Do you feel like summer's over? What went right for you this summer?


Kimberly/Mom in the City said...

Overall, this summer was really great. If was fun having my husband (a teacher) around more and we were able to do a lot of fun family outings. We finished our summer "to do" list this weekend by going to the NY Aquarium. I still can't believe that the summer is practically over!

Carrie said...

Welcome back home! I'd say, from your reading your blog, that you all enjoy a wonderful summer full of unique and fun things. Extroadinary mixed in with the ordinary is a good combination.

YES summer is over for us and HALLELUJAH! Fall is my favorite season of year so bring it on!

Karla E said...

Today was the first day of school for us. As Nick (age 6) finished tying his shoes, he announced "My shoes are tied, and Summer is offically over."

Bev said...

School starts here this week, and summer sure flew by. Our summer was a whirlwind, I would have liked to work in my flowerbeds more, but maybe I can make up for that with planting bulbs and mums.

Katrina said...

I was just thinking that I didn't get everything done this summer that I'd wanted to, but Camden told me he had a great summer, so I guess that counts as a success. Now that fall is coming, I'm feeling the need to set new goals, get into the new routine, etc.

Anonymous said...

Summer is over! We started school on Monday, all the activities are back on, so I'm running and the complaining has begun (from Hannah). We had a great summer, a super busy June (including seeing you) and a super laid back July and August. There are a few things that the kids wanted to do but there's always things to look forward to. Martha