Monday, August 11, 2008

Tween Hideout

Amanda has really wanted to make a place of her own in her room. Apparently the fact that she has her own room doesn't give her enough privacy.

She cleared out the spot under her loft bed (which previously housed a huge amount of American Girl doll paraphernalia. She isn't necessarily ready to get rid of it but doesn't know what to do with it now that she's playing with it less). Then she hung some blankets to complete the hideout effect.

What is she doing under there? Talking on the phone with someone who understands her more than her mom? Trying out makeup? Unburdening her tweenaged soul in her journal? Napping to recover from all those late nights?

No. She's reading (with her stuffed penguins). She's still the same old Amanda.

She might be growing up, but not too fast.


Carrie said...

Amanda is so pretty! And cute. With good taste in company. =D

Nice post.

Katrina said...

Love it! Camden's been in his room for 2.5 hours, door closed. Doing what? Reading.

Anonymous said...

Hang on to these moments and days. They do go by way too fast and do you remember when your 2 were 1&2? How they went to bed and woke up with another BIG SKILL?! I do. Now my 2 are 15 and 16. The 15 year old learns how to drive this year.

My 16 year old now has a job scooping ice cream and drives himself to and from work. Wasn't it just yesterday when daddy and I heard someone in the bathroom at 3 in the morning and we BOTH crept up to the door only to find our son there using the bathroom and his sweet voice saying I needed to go...I did it right? Right? Yeah son, we are sorry we bothered you.

Breathe Mom Breathe. I am still finding myself, reminding myself to breathe. Relax mom you done right. Only 3 more years.....NOT!

Susanne said...

Love it! That's so sweet.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I wish I had a space to hideout in like that! = )

Corinne said...

FYI - If Amanda decides she's altogether too old for her American Girl paraphernalia, she might have some interested buyers here. I've got 2 AG-crazy girls who show no sign of outgrowing it anytime soon. (Which is just as well with me but a little hard on the pocketbook at full retail!) Thankfully a love of books is something you never outgrow!