Friday, August 01, 2008


Kelly (because I guess she's my new BFF) didn't mention the premiere or her encounter with the darling boy she met on the red carpet, but she was wearing the same dress that she had on that day.

The winner of my Bloggy Giveaway was #123, Angie. I really enjoyed putting the prizes together, and I was happy about the nice response. Now I'm just waiting to see if I won anything.

I also think it's important that I let you know I harbor no ill-will towards Panera. I'll be back. I am glad that Starbucks is now an option for WIFI and free refills on coffee, but Panera will remain my first choice, I think. The breakfast options are better, and there's more room to spread out, and the one I go to is empty at the time of day I go.

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Trish said...

I'm sure Panera will be glad that you don't hold a grudge ;)

Thank you for your encouraging comment on my 5MFSN post today. Writing about the situation was really cathartic for me.