Monday, August 04, 2008

Walking with Dinosaurs

Last night we saw Walking with Dinosaurs: The Live Experience. I was awarded some last minute tickets in a contest that I had entered last month.

We got to our seats (at the very top of Madison Square Garden) and waited. When a voice came over the loudspeaker giving some announcements, the excitement was palpable in the arena: "It's almost here! We're going to get to meet the dinosaurs." When she said, "Walking with Dinosaurs will begin in 15 minutes," the sigh of let-down sigh.

We first meet a friendly paleontologist who will serve as our guide to the show. He introduces the age of the dinosaur and narrates throughout, explaining the changes that the earth undergoes through each age (from a very evolutionary standpoint, of course). Then the first dinosaur emerges. People gasp and clap excitedly. The reaction is the same throughout the show. Each time a bigger, or more creatively designed dinosaur appeared, people clapped and cheered as an expression of the quickening of their hearts. The actor stayed on stage with the dinosaurs, which was a wonderful scale reminder of how massive the creatures on stage were.

It was a very family-friendly show. My four-year-old son and my daughter who is almost ten, enjoyed it in equal amounts. Their old parents were amazed and entertained as well. After forty-minutes there was an intermission, which kind of surprised me. In all, the show was just over ninety-minutes, including the fifteen-minute intermission.

Monica at Paper Bridges won some tickets and backstage passes from the NJ Moms blog (I had entered there too and came up empty). You can see some of her backstage pics with the dinos on her post.

Like Monica, I thought that our nosebleed seats were just fine. In fact, it was so loud, and the dinosaurs so large that a younger child might be frightened closer down.

I think that Kyle will be thinking about dinosaurs, and I think that we'll be enjoying some of the dino-products that I've reviewed in the past:

How Do Dinosaurs Go to School? by Jane Yolen, which like the show, features dinos beyond the familiar T-Rex and Stegosaurus (and will be a perfect lead-in to back to school as well)

And another enduring favorite, the Baby Loves Hip Hop Presents the Dino 5 CD. I can't tell you how much we continue to enjoy this CD.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Gray is dinosaur crazy! We love How Does A Dinosaur Say Goodnight, too. And I really was hoping to see Walking With The Dinosaurs when it comes here this fall!


Katrina said...

Sounds like great fun!

Monica @ Paper Bridges said...

hooray for you, getting to go. we had a great time.

L.L. Barkat said...

I wonder what it must have felt like inside the little ones' minds, as they watched this come to life.