Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Not You, It's Me


I really enjoyed the time we spent together all last year while Kyle was at preschool. The free WIFI was great, although recently it's been a little unpredictable. I enjoy the variety of food you offer, including the new breakfast sandwiches, but I have to admit that there's someone else.

The new Pike's Place roast at Starbucks is so good I crave it. Even your darker roast coffee is no longer stout enough for me. In fact, when I was there recently, the coffee wasn't really very good at all. And the time before when I was there, you were out of coffee. Out of coffee? Both kinds? Before 10:00am?? I know, you remedied it, but I wasn't there long, and my time alone is precious. I can't spend it waiting for you to make new coffee because you let the dispensers run totally dry. Starbucks now offers free WIFI and free refills, just like you used to do, Panera. And it's fall, so there is the pumpkin loaf to consider.

I love the big windows you have around your restaurant, but in the morning, the sun is bright and I can't always see my laptop very well. The reason I come to see you is to get some writing done, so this is no small problem.

I'm sure I'll mix it up some. This isn't goodbye forever. I still want to be able to indulge in your Cinnamon Crunch bagel with Hazelnut cream cheese. For lunch there is no comparison. Your soups and sandwiches are delectable.

But when I go to Starbucks next week after dropping Kyle off at preschool, you'll understand, right?

It's not you, it's me. Or maybe it's Starbucks. But it's not you.

With fond memories,



Kimberly/Mom in the City said...

Starbucks IS addictive. I went there every day during the first week that my son went to preschool. I'm taking a break from Starbucks until the end of November though...I hate feeling "addicted" to anything...even if it's only a caramel frappuccino (extra caramel!)...

Corinne said...

Have you tried the pumpkin spice latte? It's alluring.....

Katrina said...

You are speaking heresy, woman!

Okay, perhaps that was a bit harsh. I understand your ambivalence. For me, it all comes down to my purpose. If I just want a delectable coffee, it's Starbucks (Pumpkin Spice Latte this time of year, although Peppermint Mochas are just around the corner). If I want a full breakfast, it's Panera, because I must have my bagel with cream cheese (whole grain usually, but Panera's Cranberry Walnut around December/January pulls me in relentlessly). If I need to type/write/work (which I never do anymore, due to a certain 2-year-old), it's Panera. The tables/seats in Starbucks are just so exposed, and I don't like people looking at me. I have issues.

And I'm sure I've told you far more than you wanted to know.

Cute post.

Melissa said...

Hi there - I just wanted to say that I read your post over at 5 Minutes for Books and it really got me thinking. While you and I may not agree about everything re: Banned Books, I really appreciate the post. Thanks!