Thursday, September 18, 2008

When the Moon Hits Your Eye

We have a pizza problem around here.

We love pizza. That's not a problem.

The problem is that Terry and I love pizza with pepperoni and some combination of mushrooms, onions and peppers. The children do not care for this particular order.

One time I went for the pepperoni and green pepper combination. Amanda cried and gagged, even after I pulled them off her pizza. "But they contaminate the whole pizza! You can still taste them."

Lest you think I'm a horrible mother, she does eat cooked peppers in other dishes and she is fairly fond of raw peppers, so I didn't think it was such a stretch.

The next time I tried mushrooms and pepperoni. The canned mushrooms that our favorite pizza joint uses are fairly innocuous (that is another controversy -- I insist that fresh is best, while Terry actually prefers the sort of tasteless canned variety). That didn't work either. If possible, it was received even more poorly.

Lately we've gone with the half-and-half option or simply the all pepperoni route. When I ordered our most-recent pizza, I forgot about all the recent histrionics. The pepperoni and mushroom pizza that I ordered caused more heartbreak and tears.

I explained to Amanda that I chose that topping on purpose, thinking that they were definitely easier to remove than green peppers and wouldn't contaminate the whole pizza. "No. Mushrooms are worse. I don't even like mushrooms at all."

This pizza dilemma reminded me of an early chapter in mine and Terry's love life.

When we were in college and wanted to share a pizza, he always wanted green peppers on it. I did not. I didn't particular care for cooked green peppers, and found them hard to ignore (hmmm, sound familiar?). However, since it was his favorite veggie topping and I knew that they are healthy and full of vitamins, I began eating them and even learned to like them.

I told her that she needed to learn to like one of our toppings, as a gesture of love. She can decide which one, and let me know.

Somehow I convinced Kyle that he should try the mushrooms on that last pizza. He loved them! So since that's apparently Amanda's least favorite topping, we still have a problem, because he's already asked if he can have mushrooms on his next pizza.

What about you? What can't you tolerate on your pizza? If you're ordering just for you, what's your choice?


Dianne said...

My husband is the pizza guru around here. He's more picky about the way the pizza is baked and the overall taste than the toppings; he usually prefers cheese actually. I am not picky at all when it comes to pizza - I'll eat it anyway, with just about anything, but my current favorite is bacon and green pepper - tastes like a BLT! I can't imagine trying to cater to several people's pizza topping preferences! Hopefully AManda can adjust . . . !

Karla E said...

There is barely anything I won't eat on a pizza. We typically order two, though. Cheese (maybe pepperoni) and whatever the adults want. BUT, the other day Papa John's delivered an anchovie pizza...why? we never figured out. Anyway, Nick loved it...and he loved it cold the next day. Go figure.

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

Anchovies is the only topping I refuse to eat. If I am ordering for just me and the kids, it's usually a pepperoni or canadian bacon. We don't eat too many veggies on our pizza.

At A Hen's Pace said...

We eat pizza so often that we were getting worried about how many nitrates and nitrites we were we mostly eat extra cheese. (Never mind saturated fat...!) We'd rather eat a salad on the side to get our veggies in.

When we're splurging, though, we love mushrooms with ham or Canadian bacon!


Anonymous said...

I go the 2 pizza route too! One cheese and one whatever the hubby wants. I eat anything as you know. The problem now is the daughter says she hates pizza!!! What is wrong with teenagers these days? I am getting my fill at school bc they started serving Papa John's pizza on Friday and it's actually very good. Happy Day! Martha

Beth@Sportsmomma said...

We go for the two (sometimes three if we want plenty of leftovers) route. Usually pepperoni and maybe a pep and italian sausage. Saw that Papa John's has a new sicilain pizza that we're gonna try next though.

I think I like most anything on mine, but anchovies.

Katrina said...

If I'm ordering just for me, I prefer a plain cheese pizza. But I'd order it from a local place that includes a bunch of fresh basil on their plain pizzas. Yum. Camden also likes either plain or pepperoni.

My thinking is -- if I want veggies, I'll make something else. If I want pizza, I want pizza. :)

My husband, on the other hand, will eat just about anything on a pizza, but he also likes it plain or w/ pepperoni too. He's very flexible.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I cannot tolerate anchovies or mushrooms. The 'shrooms because they cause a lot of intenstinal distress. The anchovies because I had a few too many of them when on a mission trip to Japan.

For myself, I love (LOVE!) ham, pineapple, and green peppers on my pizza. Hubby cannot tolerate pineapple. So we usually compromise and order ham and green peppers.

Anonymous said...

maybe you should just get plain or extra cheese for everyone and tell them that what theyr eating. dont let your kids get too spoiled like that crying over mushrooms and peppers.