Friday, October 31, 2008


I think that kids are naturally creative. At least mine are.

Creativity has been abundant here lately. Kyle's out in the cold weather singing songs to God, made up on the spot. Amanda's decorating birthday cakes for me (cute -- but not as good as my all-time favorite Amanda cake, the one she made for a friend's dog, decorated with kibble and a tall jerky treat candle).

Earlier this week she came home from school and asked, "Mom, can you bring in 25 healthy treats for my class for our Halloween party on Friday? I signed you up, but you have to write a note that it's okay." I signed willingly. I'm so glad that she has faith in me, and knows that I would support her in this way.

So, we began to brainstorm. It was a collaborative effort, with her starting out with the idea of peanut butter crackers, and bringing in the idea of a spider. I finished out the thought process with pretzel stick legs and frosting eyes. Not bad. She doesn't have peanut allergies in her class, so this worked, but I thought it also could have been done with cheese whiz.

In addition to that, last night she was working on her book report project. She stayed up an hour late and woke up a half-hour early to finish (which was fine, because I was up making cracker spiders). She got her "cereal box scrapbook" finished, and I think it looks pretty good. Last night when she went to bed, I wasn't so confident.

And of course, we've been creative with our Halloween costumes. The kids decided a while ago what they wanted to be. Kyle was Thomas the last two years, so I was glad that he was willing to be something else. As usual, Amanda's idea is not something that can be purchased in a store, so we've been thinking about how we would put it together. I think that I may post some pictures tomorrow and see if anyone can guess what they are.

I definitely don't have the same kind of creative spirit that my kids do, and as a pragmatist, I have to work hard not to squash their "great ideas." It's tough sometimes, but I hope that these pictures show that I'm a good sport. Even as a kid, I never felt like I was really creative -- I didn't play an instrument (other than a brief too-late stint at the piano), I could never draw (although I wished I could), and I wasn't into the creative aspects of hair or makeup or fashion. I did always enjoy writing, and I guess that's my creative thing. I didn't use it for a while post-college, but I'm glad to have it as an outlet to fuel that aspect of who I am (not to mention helping with costumes and projects and school snacks and Thomas tracks and block towers).


Carrie said...

The crackers you made are SO CUTE and Joshua would totally enjoy those. You've inspired me.

It's fantastic to have creative kids. I hope Joshua is half as creative as Amanda with that dog cake and the beef jerky candle. ha!

Dianne said...

I am convinced that the most important part of creativity is seeing. So when you see their messes as something positive, you are doing some creative parenting!!

Anonymous said...

I am laughing hard! My class has to turn their cereal box book reports on Monday! It's great to be creative and do the work. Have a fun time tonight. I had to be creative with Jason's costume because he didn't know what he wanted to be.

Katrina said...

I think I'm almost ANTI-creative (not purposely...just wired that way) and always dread when Camden asks for any "creative input" on a project. He's usually pretty creative himself, though, so I restrict my role to asking questions, encouraging his creativity, and buying supplies. Great job on the spiders!