Sunday, October 05, 2008

Joe Biden is not Joe Liberman

Terry was watching the Vice-Presidential debates last week, and I went in there to sit beside him on the couch with my book.

"He looks pretty young there," I observed of Biden.

"Young? You think he looks young?" Terry asked.

"Well, maybe in comparison to McCain he looks good. I don't know. He certainly doesn't look like he did when I saw him in our Labor Day parade that year."

"You didn't see him in our Labor Day parade," Terry said, eying me skeptically.

At that moment, it all clicked for me. "Ooooh, Joe Biden. He's not Joe Lieberman. I wondered why Jon Stewart was making fun of the things that Joe Lieberman had said about Obama. I was thinking, 'He should say those things. He's his V-P nominee.'"

Terry hid his head under the throw draped across his body. "How long have you thought that?" he asked, almost afraid to know the answer.

"Always. I have always been confused. I kept wondering why he looked so different than I remembered, but it's because I was remembering a different person. Now I get it."

So I never claimed to be a political genius. I try to know enough about the facts to keep myself informed, but honestly, I don't really take the time to educate myself on domestic or world affairs as I probably should.

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Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Isn't Joe Lieberman from CT? Or am I the one who's confused? = ) This is very funny. = )

Dianne said...

This was pretty funny, considering Joe L. is from up that way! I wish he were a player this time around.

Katrina said...

This gave me a giggle, mostly because I'm the same way. I'm always confusing historical and political facts, and my husband (an expert in both areas) is always amazed at just how twisted my "facts" are.

It's okay, though. When I was watching the VP debate, I distinctly heard Sarah Palin call him "Senator O'Biden" one time. We all have our moments.

L.L. Barkat said...

You make me laugh!