Friday, October 03, 2008

The Secret Life of Kids

My kids belong to a club, and it's a club that I can't join, because I don't qualify for membership. My children are the two sole members of the "We got these two characters as parents" club. Sometimes the club meetings are planned: "Kyle, let's go outside and I'll show you how to ride your tricycle," or "Amanda, will you read me our favorite funny book?" (which right now is Chester's Back).

Other times they come out into the open from their secret society to present a united front against the powers that be: "Mom, the meat really is gross. Don't get mad at Kyle for not eating it," or "Don't yell at Amanda, Mom. We were just playing."

The yelling really moves the club into action. At times when I lose my cool, they exchange a look or a laugh. Some might feel that this is disrespectful, but I think it's a right response to my wrong response. When I get so angry (usually over something small), that I yell, pound my fist, and end up with steam coming out of my ears, they have me pegged.

Vacations are a great opportunity for extended club functions. Since it's only the siblings, they have to make the best of it, and they usually do: "Mom, Amanda found the Wiggles for me on TV when I woke up, so we didn't have to bother you," (Ah, the club can be a good thing), or "Mom, can I share my ice cream with Kyle, even though he wasn't supposed to have any because he didn't eat his dinner?" (Who are you, and what have you done with my tween?).

I do support the existence of the club, and maybe I'm not intimidated by it because I know that my club is better. In the club that I'm a member of the motto is "Because I said so," or occasionally a firmer, "Just do it!" (dictator-style not Nike-style). The other member of my club and I also share smiles at the behavior of the people on the outs of our group: meltdowns, silliness, and "not that old trick again" maneuvers. We also get to go on members only retreats once or twice a year, which guarantees the longevity of our organization.

I remember being a member of the kids' club -- rolling eyes, giggling, teaming up when there were no other options for my sister and me, so I'm glad that it's still going strong in this generation. I hope that my children will one day join the parents' club so that I can explore yet another group: the "Don't worry what Mom and Dad said, Grandma's in charge now."


Dianne said...

This was really cute. I'm sure my sister and I drove our mom crazy (and still do) with our "club" antics. Sometimes we can't even let our eyes meet in our mom's presence or we'll just lose it! But she always said she wanted us to be close.

Katrina said...

Cute post! Logan's too little to be a knowing member of the club in this house, but I know Camden's happy to have someone else in the club anyway.

dad said...

I have been in all three clubs. Child and grandparent are the most fun! Fond memories of my sister and I "being buddies" when one or both of us got in trouble (usually it was her getting me in trouble).

heather said...

The aunt-niece club's also fun. An excuse for an adult to be in trouble.

L.L. Barkat said...

Yup. My kids have the same club. (Do you think there's a national headquarters? :)

katemcdonald said... be a kid again! I am one of 7 kids so I all too easily recall that we often joined up against our parents too...sometimes we still exchange those glances! I know my son will do the same to me someday in the near future!