Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Sickbed

Friday afternoon, I felt it coming on -- the sore throat combined with some aches and pains.

Whenever I feel the onset of sickness, I often secretly hope that I get sick enough to warrant bedrest. As a busy mom I feel like the tradeoff of some chills, sneezing and itchy eyes is worth a day or two of guilt-free downtime.

Unfortunately, on the rare occasion that I am sick enough to take to my bed, I usually don't feel like reading, and sometimes I can't even watch TV, so getting my wish isn't so fulfilling after all.

My symptoms continued to progress, so Friday night I took some NyQuil to ensure a good night's sleep (Another guilty pleasure that I have about being sick is the ability to down an ounce of NyQuil and indulge in a deep and dreamless sleep). I really needed to make it to my BSF leader's meeting on Saturday morning, because I was supposed to teach a class afterwards. When I woke up, I took some Advil, and I felt completely fine throughout our meeting and my seminar.

I caught the tail-end of Amanda's soccer game and took her to the team picture afterwards. But by the time I got home at noon, I was ready to crawl back into bed. I took a sinus pill to relieve the pressure in my head, and crawled into bed to watch a DVD (I'm not sure that it was the best choice since I felt bad anyway, and it sort of made me feel worse -- although maybe it was the best time to watch it, since I did already feel sort of crummy and I wanted to see it sometime). I finished the movie, and lost the urge to sleep that I had been fighting so that I could finish the movie, so I took my book downstairs to the sofa and sat with Terry, who was watching college football.

I offered to heat up some leftover (homemade) soup for dinner, but he decided he'd rather go get take-out. By the time we put the kids to bed, I was ready to take to bed myself. I read for about an hour, took my NyQuil, and was asleep before 9:30.

Unfortunately, one of the side-effects of such a deep sleep, is that I wake up early (but well-rested). I got out of bed Sunday morning, took some more Advil and another sinus tablet, and had some hot tea. I tried to decide if I should go to church. I didn't think I had fever, and Terry really wanted me to go, so I did.

Despite feeling a bit overmedicated and having trouble focusing on the end of the sermon, I was glad I went. My fog lifted by 10:00am, and I enjoyed being out, and the fellowship at church. When I got home, I rested and read some, watched some Food Network with Amanda (Food Detectives), and again took up residence on the couch while Terry watched football.

I offered up my soup dinner, and was rejected this time in favor of pizza.

Tonight I will take my NyQuil and go to sleep by 10:00pm, but I think that both the best and the worst have passed. It seems that this weekend everything aligned perfectly -- I was sick enough to take to bed; it just so happened that it was a weekend, so I didn't have many real responsibilities; and I wasn't so sick that I couldn't "enjoy" my sickbed.

But tomorrow is Monday. Sick or not I'll be making lunches, and shuttling Kyle to and from preschool. Fortunately I think that I'm on the mend.


Carrie said...

Bleh! Hate being sick. Hope you wake up well rested and feeling fine!

heather said...

That's how I know I'm sick--I don't feel like reading.

dad said...

Not too sick to blog. Hope you are OK today. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

I just finished my second round of sickness from my students. I believe in Airborne, I think it shortens the duration. I wish I'd have the chance to lay in bed. I can't remember the last time that happened.

Katrina said...

Yeah, I'm on my 3rd cold since August 20th and it's getting old. I do like getting to take Nyquil, though. Since Logan's 2, me being sick can be miserable, since he still needs so much of me. But as he gets older, my illnesses will become more of an excuse to crawl back under my covers. :)