Thursday, October 16, 2008

Taking Back the Radio
(and Chris Tomlin CD giveaway)

I am a big proponent of children's music and audiobooks for the car. I've written about this before, and I've reviewed and recommended CDs here and at 5 Minutes for Mom. Both of my children are chatterboxes, especially in their preschool years. I love that fact -- really I do -- but when we are on a long car trip or having a long day of errands, sometimes I just need a break from all the chatting (or all the sibling rivalry to stop, or all the "I'm bored's" to cease). That's where kids' music or stories come in -- they are a lifesaver as my children fixate on their music and not on me or each other.

The problem with this is that the car is pretty much the one place I listen to music, and I've begun to miss music. One feature that my car has is a separate soundsystem for the kids -- where they can plug in their headphones to listen to one thing, and I can listen to something else on my car speakers. We only have one CD player, so I've been able to listen to my satellite radio while Kyle selects a favorite CD to listen to on his headphones.

Lately I've felt the need to take back my radio. I think that I reconnected with my love of music this fall -- having Kyle in preschool three days a week instead of two meant that I had the radio to myself more often. Kyle is a bit older and can entertain himself quietly with a book or magazine or his "Thomas laptop" toy (which is not quiet but does entertain him and make him be quiet), so I've even listened to some of my own CDs or my own radio station, even with the children in the car. Shocking!

Thinking back, age four or so was about the time I started convincing Amanda to listen to some of "my" music. So now Kyle will tell me which songs he likes and begins to sing along after hearing them a few times. Yes, the kids' music is still taking up most of the CD storage in my car, and it still gets requested, but I'm happy to have the freedom to listen, and in the case of Christian music, my spirits are lifted (and that's mostly what I listen to, in addition to Broadway soundtracks, which have the same affect actually).

I recently received a copy of Chris Tomlin's Hello Love CD (check out that link to listen to generous clips of all the songs).

I had heard "Jesus, Messiah" on my Sirius Spirit station, and liked it, but the others were new to me. I've always liked Chris Tomlin's music (like the most of the free Christian-music-listening world), but I don't generally chose worship music as my leisure listening. I prefer more of a pop sound, to which I still join in with enthusiastic singing, and still lead me to worship as I sing.

"You Lifted Me Out," "God of this City," and "With Me," are my two favorites (right now) and "God Almighty" is Kyle's favorite (or number 8, as he calls it, as he identifies songs by the track number that he sees on the radio readout from the backseat). All of these have more of that pop sound (except perhaps "God of this City," which I can definitely see being sung in corporate worship).

You can win your own copy by leaving a comment here. Please be sure that your email address or an active blog is available in your profile, or leave it with your comment. I will announce the winner on October 24.

Now all that talking about the music (and listening to the clips as I write), has inspired me to let Chris Tomlin and my ipod help me get some enthusiastic and worshipful house cleaning done.


anner1010 said...

Wow, you took control of your tv and now you are taking back the radio! Congratulations!

TOSHeidi said...

You mean you are supposed to play kids' music in the car? I never knew that! My kids listen to what I want to listen to. Except that, of late, we've been listening to a good bit of their music - Jonas Brothers, etc. LOL

I'd love a new Chris Tomlin CD. I do love worship music - it's my first choice.

Heidi @ ReviewsbyHeidi

Lee said...

Ok, friend, I better win!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

We mostly listen to KLove in the van. I'll occasionally allow a kids cd. There's only so much VeggieTales I can take. The added benefit is that my kids hear a lot of the songs we sing on Sundays. Based on their participation in church I'd never know they actually know the words to the songs. In the car it's a different story. And when I'm alone I'll occasionally switch over to the country station. Sometimes I just need a little country! = )

MommySecrets said...

I'm struggling with the same thing - I'd love to win your CD! Chris Tomlin is great. :)

Amy said...

Chris Tomlin is great! and my DS does the same thing. he'll say turn it to #3 or #5 on his favorite CDs. too funny.

Lisa writes... said...

I have the CD (so don't count me in on the giveaway)...I'm just here to give my two thumbs up as well! Now, enthusiastic and worshipful housecleaning is a WHOLE 'nother story!

heather said...

Watch out, folks! Mama's taking over.

Org Junkie said...

Hey Jennifer! I love Chris Tomlin and would be absolutely thrilled to win this CD.