Tuesday, October 07, 2008

This and That

How about some this and that? I don't even have a subtitle, it's just simply this and that.

This morning Kyle came downstairs from bed, and said, "Amanda, I want to hug you." And he did, giving the morning a much much better start than other recent mornings:

Kyle comes downstairs. Amanda gets up from her breakfast at the table and runs to him, "Kyle!!"

"Don't touch me!" Kyle, the non-morning person cries, following it up with a grunt.

So, already, things are good.


It's that time again. In October of each year the color is pink and we think about "our girls" a lot more than we usually do.

Because I have a pre-pubescent tween daughter in my house, I've actually been thinking a lot more about them in general. This summer we shopped for bras. They are much less bra-like than I remember my training bras being (Does anyone else remember those triangles covered with the lace mesh type material with the pink rosette in the middle?). They are really just like a smaller more bra-like cami. She needed these for an extra layer of coverage and for the social necessity of changing for gym in her new intermediate school, but before I'm ready, I think we'll be doing some "real bra shopping".

Read more of my review (and enter to win) about this book that I enjoyed so much that I nominated it for the Middle Grade/Young Adult Non-Fiction Cybils award. You can read more about this great award (why I think it's better than other book awards) and how you can nominate some of your favorite books of 2008 HERE.


I finished the gothic orphan novel! And surprise, surprise -- I liked it! Read my review and others' linked posts at 5 Minutes for Books Classics Bookclub -- Jane Eyre edition.


Jen Rouse said...

I definitely remember those bras--but mine had a little blue rosette in the middle. Not sure why, since roses don't actually come in blue, do they?

Glad to hear you liked Jane Eyre! It's one of my all-time favorites.

Katrina said...

I had to smile at the morning scenario. Logan's been sleeping in until after Camden leaves for the bus at 7:20, so there is no interaction between them in the morning. But when Camden gets home in the afternoon, I never know what I'll get -- a happy reunion of brothers, or a gruff "leave me alone" response from one or the other.