Monday, November 10, 2008

Bringing it Home

Yes, I'm here. But just like Ree, I just can't stop thinking and writing about my trip (I finally posted about our last day over at 5 Minutes for Mom yesterday if you missed it). So, before I get on to other business, here's a cute pic of Nick, A and P on the luggage scale. As we checked in, we were all holding our breaths hoping that our giant bags would come in under 50 pounds. Nick enjoyed watching the scales, and I asked him if he wanted to step up on one of the empty ones. He thought that was a very cool idea, and after he, A, and P, each hopped on separately, they decided to see how much they would weigh all together.

They invited Melanie, Keely and me to hop on as well, but we gracefully declined.

* * * * *

I've been back almost three days. Of course I'm catching up on laundry and I've been cooking and doing a bit of cleaning.

Things are the same, and yet everyone is different. Some strange things happened while I was gone.

Since I've been changed, when Sophie mentioned Ugandan Compassion Blogger Anne's Souls4Souls, instead of just reading about it, and thinking how worthy it was, I ponied up my $5 right away. That $5 will be used to buy 2 pairs of shoes for someone who has never had shoes before.

Apparently, Terry became an excellent bath-giver. As supportive as he's always been about me leaving him with the kids -- for retreats, conferences, weddings, or girls' weekends -- baths usually are not a part of his childcare routine. If it's just two nights, he'll say "I don't have to bathe them, do I?" Of course, Amanda's been taking care of herself for a while, but Kyle doesn't, so as long as it's not summer when the dirty boy needs daily baths, that works out.

Saturday night I was supervising his bath, and Terry came up and ended up getting him out, toweling him off, and getting his PJs on. This is a wonderful new skill that I will not forget he possesses!

Also, Kyle's preschool has apparently become some sort of college prep school. One thing that I like about his school is that it is fairly old-fashioned with lots of "I'm a little teapot" songs and rhythm sticks, and free play. That all still holds up, but my dad was telling me how they did Monet impressionism pictures last week. I was also very very impressed with a picture that he drew of a house.

What's new with you?


Kimberly/Mom in the City said...

Welcome back! It's so great that you went on that trip.

Thanks for sharing your family updates....the little things mean the most, right?

Besides Sean's (my one year old's) first vote, I'm currently loving the fact that the boys are having a blast taking baths together - it cuts my bath giving time down by half (yay...the little things!)

L.L. Barkat said...

Just stopping in to say that I extended an invitation to you…

Katrina said...

Love Kyle's picture! And also Terry's new-found skill. :) I'm sure you'll be taking proper advantage of, I mean allowing him to bless you by exercising that skill.