Thursday, November 27, 2008


As I write this my daughter is helping to prepare our Thanksgiving Dinner. She told me that she wanted to help "as much as possible," so I made a list for her including some prep work, but also giving her full ownership over a few items. She made a pineapple-upside down cake for Poppa (my stepdad) at his request totally from scratch -- folding in egg whites and everything. She crumbed all the cornbread, bread and biscuits for the dressing, and made Amanda's "famous" fruit salad.

I am thankful that this year, her tenth, she has grown up so much -- and I am more in love with her than ever.

My son is playing with trains and singing. It's the constant background in our house -- Thanksgiving is no different than the other 364 other days of the year. I have to be mindful to stay on top his headstrong little self as he's grown up this year to make sure he knows who's boss. I'm thankful that with God's help I've been able to do so, and that his fourth year has been (mostly) a joy.

Next year, Kyle will likely still be into his trains, but perhaps not. He will for sure not be saying things like emember for remember and payuter for computer. If you ask "What are you doing, Kyle?" he may actually tell you instead of answering with "Good." Such Kyle-isms are already going by the wayside, and I will miss them when they're lost forever and preserved only in these blog posts.

Amanda will probably be able (if not willing) to help even more. I hope that she will still be open and loving as she gets another year closer to her teens.

Thanksgiving offers me a chance to be thankful for how things are changing. I can look back and see growth in my own life, too. It's been abundant this year: time spent with my husband fortifying our marriage, getting control over some undesirable bad habits, learning to love my children and those in my life for who they are, not who I wish they were.

There's much more I hope to see happen this year, but I'd be happy if Thanksgiving 2009 brought more of the same.


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Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

That cake looks YUUUUUMMY! We're losing some cute sayings over here also. Ben has always said "babanna" until about a week ago. Now he says "banana." I'm sad! At least I still have Ellie and her "banna." = ) Happy Thanksgiving! Off topic - have you had any snow yet? We've got a 40% chance for the weekend and first of next week. My little guys are hopeful! Daddy - not so much.

Dad said...

Great post. Hard to change a headstrong 4 yr old and even harder to influence a father.
LOVE to all

Katrina said...

Aw, very sweet post.

heather said...

For me, cooking at Thanksgiving and Christmas is about that time spent with my mom. Looks like you and Amanda are already developing that bond.