Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wii Are Having Fun

Earlier this month, Amanda and Kyle got some early Christmas presents from Pops and Tutu. That worked out so well that Nana and Poppa are doing some early-gifting as well. This works out for them, because they get presents and get them now, but it works out for you, too, because you get some reviews and gift ideas -- kid-tested and mother-approved.

Amanda and Kyle just got a new Wii game: Active Life Outdoor Challenge. I sit here typing with a stiff neck, an aching back, and sore legs. This game is not only fun, but it's a workout employing jumping, running, and quick reflexes.

Kyle did not get to try it out today, but I think that he will enjoy the whack-a-mole and will excel at all the jumping activities as well.

I think that I might just have found me a workout that I can be motivated to fit into my week (and with that in mind I've decided to share this tip with other unmotivated housewives over at Works-for-Me Wednesday). And since there are two player challenges played simultaneously or alternately, Amanda will be able to enjoy her gift as well.


Not only did she get a gift, but when we were at the store, they had Wii Music in one of their consoles. Amanda and Kyle both enjoyed playing it, and I think it's another one that I would be happy to share. It's going on the for-real December 25th Christmas wish list.


Katrina said...

Ooo -- Looks good. You know we are always looking for good Wii games, so thanks for the review. Camden has asked for Wii Music for Christmas and I have it on good authority that he might get it. :)

Kimberly/Mom in the City said...

We LOVE Active Life Outdoor Challenge at our house. It is a fun, great work-out - - perfect for cold days. (Personally, I found it to be a better workout than Wii Fit!)

We also have Wii Music. It's fun and easy to pick up too. There are so many different musical instruments (including a barking dog?!) that you get to choose from. You also get the option to direct the orchestra.

Wanda said...

My family thinks I'm loony....but I'M asking for Wii for Christmas.
I love it!

My teenagers think I've gone crazy!

Amy said...

Have been looking for some Wii games that my 6 year old (not too coordinated) could play and like without complaining he can't do it. This might be it. Wii Music is okay if your kids are creative. If they're gamers, forget it. Thanks for the tip, it's on our Hanukkah List.