Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Pajamas (and Children's Place Giveaway)

Is it okay to give pajamas as a Christmas gift? What about undies and socks? These questions have been much-debated in my home.

You see, when I was growing up, we always opened one gift Christmas Eve, and after a few years, that gift was no surprise. It was always going to be a new pair of pajamas. Since a bulk of the family snapshots were taken that morning (in the pre-digital more sparsely photographed years when I grew up), my mom wanted to be sure that we weren't ratty.

The socks and/or underwear went into our stockings. The stockings were the best part of Christmas morning -- filled with a mixture of practical (socks and undies and maybe chapstick or lipgloss) and exciting (earrings, a CD, or perfume). The first time I put socks in Terry's stocking, our marriage teetered on the edge. Of course, this is from a guy who grew up getting an orange in his stocking (which didn't thrill him either).

I haven't continued the Christmas PJ tradition, mostly because of our changes in seasons here require that I frequently buy new PJs -- very warm, lightweight warm, or cool -- to keep up with the changes in size and season.

The Children's Place just sent us some cute pajamas to try out, and a gift card for me to pass along to one of you! The Children's Place always has such cute and colorful items, that I would definitely stuff my children's stockings with some new socks, tights, or gloves from there.

Kyle is actually rather picky about his pajamas (and all of his clothes, for that matter). If he doesn't like how they feel or the design, he won't wear them. He likes this Rocket PJ set from The Children's Place. I like the stylish short-sleeve over long-sleeve T-shirt look and the flannel-ish (flame-retardant of course) pants. These are not super-warm pajamas, but nice for people in any sort of cold climate.

I have a $30 card to The Children's Place to give to one of you! I'll announce the winner on December 17 and ship it out that day (if I get your address). That will give you plenty of time to get some last-minute stocking stuffers, some cute new pajamas for Christmas-morning pictures, or to stock up in the after-Christmas sales that are inevitable.

To be eligible to win, leave a comment telling me what your favorite -- or least-favorite -- stocking stuffers are, either to give or to receive.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Stockings were always at my maternal Grandma's house. They were filled with apples, oranges, and nuts. I have not idea why. All of that stuff was in bowls on the counter so it's not like we didn't have access to them at any time. There may have been a small gift inside as well but I don't remember those. Santa also left each of us one real present sitting under the red and green crocheted stockings (which I have now).

I laughed at your various pajamas. We have shorts/short sleeves, short sleeves/pants, long sleeves/pants and fleece (these get the most wear). It's the price we pay to live in an area that has all 4 seasons. = )

Anonymous said...

Hummm least favorite? Have to be the underwear... I have 2 brothers NOT fun getting undwerwear in front of your brothers.

My favorite thing or things is candy of course.

I dont get stockings anymore *28 years old* but do MAKE stockings for my niece who lives with me.
So I can give her underwear and candy all I want LOL and no mean brothers who grab them and run around making fun of strawberry shortcake undies LOL

Lisa :)

Trish said...

We were allowed to get our stockings whenever we woke up and take them to our rooms - mainly b/c Mom & Dad wanted to sleep longer! Of course, the favorite was candy and chocolate. :)

My husband's family does stuff like toothbrushes and tissues in their stockings - took some getting used to!

heather said...

We (my side of the family) do the pjs on Christmas Eve as well. This will be my first year with no Christmas Eve pjs. Ever. We decided to only do it when we have Xmas together (we do every other year). We also get an ornament on Christmas Eve. I refused to let that tradition go every other year. Those, along with getting Jergen's lotion in my stocking every year, are my favorite things.
Traditionally, we've done practical things, too (socks, stockings/panty hose, toothbrushes) in the stocking with "fun" things (earrings). But you know, even the toothbrushes are exciting.

AuBien said...

Growing up my favorite stocking stuffers were candies and makeup. I usually received some type of foo foo seasonal makeup kit or lip gloss each year and that was always fun to play with over the holidays.

Thank you for the giveaway.

Carrie said...

My mom was always good about giving us fun stuff in our stockings. The rule was the items had to be $5 or less so they were usually filled with trinkets like gel pens, gift cards for $5 and the like. One of my favorite things to receive was a book of stamps. Back before it was more than $5 for a book of stamps. ;D (I was big on correspondence even when younger and to have lots of stamps to mail letters to whoever I wanted was a big deal.)

Great giveaway. I'd love to be included.

Karla E said...

This year I just got back from a Trade Show and I am filling the kid's stockings with SWAG from the trade show...pens, cups, squishy balls, etc...all emblazoned with some company's logo. They are going to be SOOO psyched.

btw, My Mom made all of our stockings so they are specially designed for each one of us...we LOVE them.

Martha said...

Growing up we got the nuts and fruit. Steve's family does it up because it was his dad's only Christmas job. He still does a great job finding things I'll love (and always a box filled with some money!). Michale loves getting underwear. Steve doesnt' mind either. One year my father in law actually gave me thongs!!! Oh how times change.

We just went to Children's Place today. Their pants fit the boys better than anywhere else, so we would love to win the card (and Steve was eyeing a dress for our new goddaughter!)

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

This sounds silly, but I always looked forward to my mom putting an orange in the toe. It made the stocking look so full, and I always ate the orange on Christmas Day. My Best Girl loves oranges right now, so I plan to start that tradition with her this year!

TOSHeidi said...

We usually stuff stockings with practical things like toothbrushes and shampoo,etc. and some fun little things like pencils, hair things, etc. Gotta love that chapstick - you can never have too much of it!

stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

My least favorite (at least for right now) is gum in the stocking. Last year, my Mom (Grandma) put about a 1/2 dozen packs of gum in all the kids stockings. I had a 2 yo & 4 yo that I didn't give gum to (just because I didn't have it around) and the problems that gum caused. :) Hopefully we won't have that again this year!

Malissa said...

Stocking stuffers change from year to year.

Usually some sort of chapstick, art supplies, bath stuff and my very favorite chocolate!:)

Thank you for entering me!

Katrina said...

I like giving or receiving pretty much any kind of stocking stuffer, but some consistent ones around here are candy and chapstick/Blistex.

Great giveaway. Thanks!

We, too, get 3 different kinds of jammies for the kids -- summer, winter, and then the in between. Though Logan wears a blanket sleeper on top of the in-between once it gets really cold...until he can figure out the concept of blankets.

Jen Rouse said...

My mom knows my favorite kind of candy and always makes sure I get some in my stocking. Mmmm, dark chocolate.

Love the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Undies and socks in a stocking are a must! Stockings were always excellent whether they were from Santa or from Mammaw. If I had to choose my least favorite item it would have to be the lifesaver storybooks. I never unerstood why Santa cared for those so much!:)

My favorite item was the eyeshadow and blush that was most anticpated in 6th grade. I was finally able to wear makeup. I wish I were as excited about makeup today.

Nice post sister! It beings back such fond memories.


Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

My favorite things to give my kids in their stockings are a new toothbrush, toothpaste, underwear and chapstick. My least favorite thing to receive was an orange. I am not a fan of oranges.

Marybeth said...

when I was a kid, it was the book of Lifesavers with like ten packs in it... that just made me so happy. That and a giant Hershey kiss. Remember those?

Least favorite: underwear... though I do like fuzzy socks! :)

Z-Kids said...

Every Christmas growing up we could expect a grapefruit and a great big Giant apple in the bottom of our stocking. Even though it's not fancy, the fact that we could count on it year after year made it endearing...
I enjoy your blog! I'm sure my wife (and kids) would love a shot at the giveaway.