Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Engaging Father Christmas

I've had Engaging Father Christmas on my bookshelf for a bit, and honestly, I sort of forgot about it! But then Melissa mentioned to me that she would have a review ready to post at 5 Minutes for Books on Christmas Eve, and I remembered that I had a copy of it, and tucked it into my bag for my road-trip to visit family in Virginia.

Robin Jones Gunn and I go waaay back. I purchased the The Christy Miller Series for my sister-in-law when she was a young teen (and although I was in my mid-twenties I read them right along with her). When I saw that she had a series for "grownups" I read a few of the Sisterchicks books as well.

So Engaging Father Christmas appealed to me based on the author's reputation alone, but it was great to read a story with a Christmas theme on Christmas Day and over the few days afterwards. That said, it's not a story that would feel out of place to read in January or June either. Gunn created real characters that I wanted to know more about, and the English aristocratic setting made it even more interesting and quaint.

Melissa's review painted a good picture of the story as a whole, and also features the first book in the series, which I haven't read. This second book is definitely a follow-up to that one, but the author did a good job of giving enough details so that I didn't feel lost at all. However, having enjoyed the characters, I plan to go back and read the first in the series, and also look forward to see if there is another novella coming next Christmas!


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Amy said...

i loved the christy miller series when i was a teen. i've been meaning to get her sisterchick books and read those. thanks for recommending this one. :)