Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fall into Reading Wrap-up

Callapidder Days Fall into Reading challenge is over. When it started back in September, the leaves were changing, and now -- right now -- we're in the midst of a snowstorm, so I guess there's no doubt that it's winter, right?

So here's the update within my original list cut and pasted below:

Books on my personal shelf I'd like to read:
  • Three Weeks with my Brother (a memoir) -- Nicholas Sparks -- Didn't even start, but I still do want to read it.
  • Sacred Marriage -- Gary Thomas -- Nope didn't finish it.
  • Washington's Lady -- Nancy Moser --Started it, but put it aside (I will pick it back up again).
  • Keeping House by Margaret Kim Peterson (at the high recommendation of L.L. Barkat) -- I just started this one, am enjoying it, and will continue reading at a leisurely pace.
Books for the 5 Minutes for Books Classics Bookclub:
  • Jane Eyre -- Charlotte Bronte (I've just barely started this) -- Yep, reviewed HERE
  • A Christmas Carol -- Charles Dickens -- Yes. Reviewed HERE.
  • I did barely start Hamlet, which we are reading together for January.
Review Fiction:
  • The Shack by William P. Young --Nope, and I'm losing the urge to read it, although it was all the buzz at preschool pickup last month, so if I had read it, I could have chatted with the moms about it.
  • The Professors' Wives Club by Joanne Rendell -- I forgot that this was this fall! It seems so long ago, but I did enjoy it a lot. Reviewed HERE.
Offlist additional Review Fiction:
  • Matrimony -- Wonderful literary fiction. Reviewed HERE.
  • Off-Season -- Great book. Reminded me why I love fiction. Reviewed HERE.
  • Flirting with Forty -- Typical chick-lit, but a great easy read. Reviewed HERE.
  • Savvy -- Full review of this children's book to come on 5 Minutes for Books later this month, but my ten-year-old daughter Amanda reviewed it HERE.

Review Nonfiction:

Additional Offlist Review Nonfiction:
Additional Goals:
  • I don't know if this will be a review copy or just a book I pick up, but I'd like to read a light (specifically funny) novel. I was recently looking for something to read, having had my fill of dark or serious or "real," and was sort of looking for light escapist reading, and couldn't really put my hands on one. So I'm going to be on the lookout for something to fit this bill. YES! I rediscovered that children's literature is a perfect fit for me for this request! It's generally light(ish) and humorous, and short, and well-written (if you pick right). I really enjoyed Much Ado about Anne (reviewed HERE), and then I also ended up accepting a review copy of Savvy (see above) after remembering that I enjoy children's lit.
  • Nightmare at the Book Fair -- Dan Gutman -- Yes. Cute book which would appeal to boys or girls.
  • And I'm sure I'll read one or two more novels (or memoirs), either from my personal stash or review titles that have yet to be released. Surprise -- I did! I read
  • Same Kind of Different as Me, partially reviewed HERE. I finally read Beautiful Boy, which has been sitting on my shelf, also quickly reviewed in that same post.
  • Also, Marley and Me, which was both a memoir, AND funny (quick review HERE).
  • I also reviewed two dad project memoirs, The Film Club and Dinner with Dad HERE.

In Conclusion:

I DID read a LOT. I didn't exactly stick to my list, since most of the books I read these days are review copies (although I did do fairly well predicting). But I did read. And I did read more fiction, specifically lighter fiction, so that fulfilled one of my goals as well.

I do enjoy thinking about what I want to read or what I should read, even though I am not dipping into my personal stash too much as indicated by the lack of success with the books off my bookshelf. But I'll definitely be back in the Spring! See you then, booklovers!


Just Mom said...

Congratulations on what you accomplished with the challenge! You have quite a long list of books!

Barbara H. said...

You did get a lot read!! I have a whole stack waiting for me of books I didn't finish plus some more I've picked up along the way. They'll definitely help those long winter nights pass.

Carrie said...

OH yes! I had forgotten about Much Ado About Anne so I'm glad you mentioned it again.

You got a lot done so YAY!

Smilingsal said...

You did read a stack of books. Here's my wrap-up post:

Julie said...

Wow, you did read a lot! Great list, you gave me lots to put on my tbr list for next year.

Beth F said...

You really did read a lot this fall!

I wrote my wrap-up post last month here.

Nise' said...

Great job! I am making my way through Hamlet and its not as bad (difficult to read) as I thought I was going to be.

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Wow, great job! I'd love to have read that much just this fall. :)

Katrina said...

Great job, as always! I'm impressed with how much reading you do, especially since I think that just a few years ago, I was reading more than you were! :)