Thursday, December 04, 2008

Surprised and Amazed

Amanda came home from school yesterday bubbling over about the annual school musical. Drama club is one of the many extra-curricular activities offered at the intermediate school that she definitely wanted to participate in. They just released that they are doing Willy Wonka and sent home an information form and a parent approval form for trying out. I read over it and saw that for the first audition they have to do a one-minute acapella song, and callbacks are done from that by having them do some speaking parts. Immediately, my mom-brain started working, "She should do a song from a musical -- maybe Mary Poppins -- something that would really show expression." Of course, I shared my thoughts with her. I mean, she's just ten and I'm thirty-cough years old. "I've arleady decided. I'm going to do 'She's in Love.' "

And she was right. That song from the Little Mermaid musical is perfect. It's kicky and fun, and very expressive, and most importantly she loves it.

It seems like every week, my daughter surprises me. She's growing up. She's becoming her own person, with her own ideas, her own strengths and weaknesses. She's growing in responsibility and even wisdom.

And Kyle continues to amaze me as he invites me into his "fretend" world (another Kyle-ism that will be gone soon, although I hope he continues to pretend for many years). He came downstairs this morning at 6:30, boldly breaking every rule. "Blankie is here. She's so excited."

I reminded him that he's not supposed to leave his room until 7:00am, and his beloved Blankie is supposed to stay in bed, but because I won't have an adorable four-year-old son for much longer and I've been feeling a little soft and nostalgic, I was easily convinced that Blankie needed to stay, because she always smells Kyle's poptart from upstairs and it makes her sad.

So, he pulled up a chair right beside his at the table and he and Blankie had breakfast together.

Then we turned on the TV. It was Blue's Clues, which was never one of Kyle's favorite shows, although I continue to try to push Steve on him (I can do without Joe), because Amanda and I loved him so much. He said, "Oh, it's my favorite episode! All the things have names on them!"

Kyle does love words and is on the brink of reading, so I'm glad he likes this particular show about reading where Steve was reading "A Really Good Book." I can't pigeonhole him either.

Every day it's something new -- a new song, a new observation, a new inside joke that amuses him. What an amazing time this is.

I'm glad I'm along for the ride.


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

I just love that it makes blankie sad to smell the pop tarts. Blankie should absolutely get to participate in breakfast. :)

Anonymous said...

As I'm sure everyone tells you, these days will be gone in a flash! Fortunately some of the Kyle-ism's will stick around for life, I know there are things our kids said as toddlers/little kids that we still say (Liza called her Snoopy dog "Hoopy" and so the name has stuck...Hoopy it is!). Cherish the moments my friend...Parker is 14 and it just seems like yesterday that he was Kyle's age! Embrace your inner nostalgia!!!

Katrina said...

What a beautiful post! It *is* amazing to watch them grow.

Blankie is supposed to stay in bed here, but I'm a pushover and it usually ends up downstairs at some point during the day. Oh well.