Monday, December 22, 2008

This and That

I did pick a winner on Wednesday for the Children's Place gift card, and it was #15, my very own sister! I would feel a little guilty about nepotism, but in all the giveaways that I do here and at 5 Minutes for Books and 5 Minutes for Mom, I think that I've only drawn a friend or family member three times -- even when I personally knew 40% of the entries here, always drew a bloggy acquaintance instead. So I'm happy for my leetle seester, and will send the gift card her way.


I wanted to point you over to a couple of recent reviews I've done:

Horton Hears a Who DVD -- the best children's movie I've seen in a long while. Love it!

Begin Smart Books -- a really delightful series of books from birth to age 2.

Audiobooks for Kids -- love audiobooks, perhaps as a "gateway" to books for a reluctant or impatient reader.

And over at 5 Minutes for Mom today I'm talking about buying books for Christmas.


We have gotten so much snow over the last few days -- at least a foot! Amanda and Kyle were out of school Friday, and today was a delayed opening to give them a chance to get the slush off the roads. And it's COLD -- 11 degrees and windy with a windchill of five below.

Yes, Amanda still has school. She goes through tomorrow, and then we'll be heading to Virginia for Christmas with my husband's family.


Martha said...

We are already on vacation!!! We are very cold though! No snow or ice (maybe tonight) but not getting out of the 30s (70 on Saturday). Be safe on your trip!!!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Wasn't is a great snowstorm?! We've got about a foot. Joel came home Saturday around 2 pm (though he worked the rest of the afternoon from home). We even stayed home from church because of the messy roads. My gang is loving playing in the snow! = )

Carrie said...

And here I am complaining about it being 32 degrees again . . .

(But it's still snowing and I think I really WOULD rather it stop now.)

Katrina said...

You really and truly need to pick me as a winner more often. :)

We haven't had snow here but it's been COLD too. Yesterday, Camden had a 2-hour delay because it was 3 degrees when he woke up, with a windchill of -15. Yikes! Today is slightly warmer -- it's already up to 12.

Carrie said...

On an unrelated note - I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award. Even though I do not appreciate the way that Kreativ is spelled. ;D

Thank you for being you and blessings on your family in 2009!