Wednesday, December 03, 2008


A week or so ago I received a review copy of Pet Pals: Animal Doctor for the Wii. Amanda (age 10) tried it out, and she told me she "didn't like those kinds of games." I don't know exactly what she meant by that. Actually, I do. She doesn't like realistic games, and she doesn't like those adventure games where you have to think and strategize in particular, but she does like animals and vet is always one of her "I wanna be when I grow up" jobs, so I thought she might enjoy this one.

It is rated ten and up, so I thought maybe she was frustrated because it was too hard. I decided to try it out myself. I love the idea of this game. You are the guest vet at a failing clinic. They won't make it without you! You select one of the five animals in the waiting room, and use your various tools to diagnose and treat the pet. Here's my problem with the game. The tools seem very hard to operate. I think that this would get easier with practice.

Lo and behold, while I was checking it out (and reading the instructions, which are quite thorough -- along with on screen help -- to figure out how to use the tools), Amanda was watching. I found the "recovery room" which she had not been able to find, where you care for the animals in recovery by feeding them, playing with them etc. Amanda DID enjoy this part of the game.

So, if you like these kinds of games, or you have an animal-lover vet wannabe in your home, you might want to try it out.

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Katrina just posted some great Wii game recommendations at her blog Callapidder Days, and it was very timely. Since I found one game that I am really enjoying (Active Life Outdoor Challenge), and now I'm determined to figure out Pet Pals as well, I want to be sure that there are other games in the house that I might enjoy when I have time. I used to play a fair bit of the Nintendo 64 before I had other responsibilities a blog, so it would be nice to have some on hand.

When you like to play Wii, what are some games you enjoy most? What about your top recommendations for a 4 year old boy and a 10 year old girl?


Martha said...

I have a vet lover too. I am so jealous about the free games! Jason is our huge MarioKart fan, he has won everything and found all the secrets! We have a ton of games and of course want more. Maybe we could do a trade someday :).

Katrina said...

You're getting free Wii games to review?? :)

Camden is easily frustrated with games that involve too much strategizing as well. He likes the ones where the next step is fairly obvious or where he can just play around and fun things happen.

And I, too, have found that with some Wii games, the controls are just not as intuitive as others. Practice/time does help, but it's hard to put the time in when there are other games that are easier to jump right into.