Thursday, January 29, 2009

Amanda Read Anne, Too

I always hear all about how much Anne of Green Gables was a part of people's reading childhood, so I encouraged my ten-year-old daughter Amanda to read it. I found a Great Illustrated Classics version of Anne of Green Gables, and she read it two or three years ago. She started to read it, and said it was "boring," so she put it aside. My sister-in-law (an Anne-lover) had told me about all the narrative and said maybe she was too young. Amanda later decided that the abridged versions "dumb it down" too much.

After I read it for the Lucy Maud Montgomery challenge, I knew that this would be right up my imaginative daughter's alley. When I finished it, she started. Here's her review (in her own words, save some spelling correction from me):

The Cuthberts are an old couple who have lived in their house for many years, taking care of green gables, their house with a beautiful view. When they decide to adopt a young boy to help at the farm, their lives change when young imaginative Anne Shirley shows up at their home in Avonlea. Along with her ‘Bosom friend’ Diana Barry, she will change Avonlea and the people in it for the better.

Matthew, the man who received young Anne from the station, is in love with sweet little Anne. Marilla, a strict woman in charge of Anne, is trying to keep Anne's imagination at bay and hides her admiration of the smart young girl. Diana Barry is Anne’s true Bosom friend, and will always be friends with Anne, even if its hard with her strict mother not approving of Anne.

This book was fantastic, 369 pages of wondering what vain little Anne will do next! I enjoyed the book immensely, and realized there is a little bit of Anne in every body.


Then my mom encouraged me to read Much Ado About Anne, a fantastic book about four 13 year old girls: Meghan, a girl who loves fashion; Cassidy, a sporty kid who loves almost any sport; Emma, a great student who loves poetry; and animal loving Jess, who lives at Half Moon farm. All of these girls have one big thing in common, they are all in the mother daughter book club. In this book, they are reading Anne of Green Gables for the club, and so they compare it to what's going on in their lives, so I was glad I had read Anne before it.

All is great, except for one problem. Becca the bully of the school, and her mother, Mrs. Chadwick, are joining the book cub, and Megan is becoming better friends with Becca than with her old friends. But, when a sudden tragedy involving Half Moon farm comes up, all the girls can do is work together to save Jess’s home.


Carrie said...

You're right! There IS a little bit of Anne in everybody! (At least a very little.) So glad you liked it and I still need to read Much Ado About Anne. You've beat me there!

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Congratulations, Amanda, on entering the world of Anne!

I could've been a part of that club in Much Ado about Anne when I was a girl! I really need to read that book! : )

Maggie said...

Congratulations for reading Anne at 10! I wish I would've been reading Anne when I was younger...but I suppose the main thing is that I read them...whatever age I am :)

Thanks for the lovely review!

heather said...

Oh, so true, Amanda. There's a little bit of Anne in all of us.

caribookscoops said...

Loved your review. I read Anne for the first time when I was around 10 and definitely there is a little of her in all of us, which I suspect is why so many like her.

shanahak said...

Hi my name is Kaitlin and I'm from Long Island
New York. My mom thinks Amanda and I have very
similar interests and both love to read, read often and
seem to enjoy similar books. Would she be interested in a pen pal?

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Hi Kaitlin! Amanda might be interested in a pen pal, but she's not great about writing letters. I don't have any way to contact you, so you and/or your mom will need to email me.