Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How Can I Argue with that Logic?

A week or so ago, Kyle sidled up to me one morning and said, "Oh, Mooommmy. . . . You know we haven't been to Panera in a very long time. I think that we should go. A muffie would be so good. We don't want them to have to take their sign down, do you?"

You see, there was a KB Toys in the same shopping center that houses Panera, and when it closed last year (taking down its sign), Kyle was sad. He wanted to know why it closed, and at some point I probably said "Because Mommy buys all her toys on amazon not enough people went there."

So, he wants to support the local economy -- how can I argue with that? Little does he know that his mommy has been supporting Panera quite well while he's at preschool each week.

We didn't end up going that day, but I think that we may go tomorrow before school, because tomorrow at Panera is FREE COFFEE DAY.

You're welcome.


T with Honey said...

Maybe, just maybe if the snow isn't too bad I'll make a little side trip on my way to work for free some coffee and maybe try out a breakfast sandwich.

Carrie said...

=D Yeah. When I ask Joshua where we should go on any given day and he says "coffee store!" I find that "logic" works well enough for me. Or maybe it's just "enough said! Let's go!"

daisy said...

Oh, my yes! Love Panera coffee...and free samples? I won't have to eat breakfast. :) Thank you so much!

By the way, I love your blog quote up at the top of your page. Very true.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

That's too funny. My guys always campaign for Old McDonalds or Burger King - both have indoor playlands.

Lisa writes... said...

Do you know I have never been to Panera?