Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mark Driscoll is not Rick Warren

Jo-Lynne has a new weekly carnival at Musings of a Housewife: What I Learned This Week. It's supposed to be on Tuesdays, but I think I can link up whenever I want, and this week she has a cool prize for one of the participants. Tuesday is our carnival day at 5 Minutes for Books, and I usually participate there, but I know that I'll want to do this one sometimes as well -- which is fine, because I know that some of you Snapshot readers do not care for the book talk, so I'm always aware of the fact when I get too bookish and make sure to provide some posts for your (non-book) reading pleasure.

So--this week I learned that Mark Driscoll is not Rick Warren. You might remember that a few months ago I admitted that I learned that Joe Biden is not Joe Lieberman. So--same song, second verse. Last week I was being so-very 2009 and tweeting some of my impressions of the inauguration, and I said "I know that Mark Driscoll was a controversial choice to pray. I enjoyed his prayer and am glad he honored Jesus."

Then I noticed (after logging back on to Twitter almost a week later), that both Sheila and Dianne would have saved me several days of thinking that Mark Driscoll looked much more rotund than I thought he was, because they both replied "You mean Rick Warren?"

Oh -- yeah. Well, you've seen one post-modern mega-church pastoring, book-writing non-suit wearing preacher, you've seen them all (although I was glad he forsook his Hawaiian shirt for a suit and overcoat for the inauguration -- wait am I glad? Does that mean that he thinks that the President deserves more respect than God???).

So, back to Twitter. Yesterday, in one of my record 5 tweets or replies, I asked "How do you do the @ thing? It's not a Direct Message, right?" and Dianne came to my rescue and told me to use the arrow on the message. See, I don't usually click on the message -- just read it on the screen, so that's why I never really wondered what the arrow was for.

So, in summary -- not only did I learn (again) that my feeble mind makes erroneous associations and confuses people's identities, but I learned more about using Twitter effectively, and I think I might like it now.

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cindy said...

I left an award for you on my blog-go check it out!

Katrina said...

Fun carnival! I enjoyed your "lessons learned," and I've enjoyed seeing your tweets lately.

Dianne said...

You are too funny! I am enjoying your tweeting lately also!