Monday, January 19, 2009

Mind over Matter

We've had a lot of snow this year, and even though Kyle had been theoretically excited about winter bringing snow, during our first real snow he decided that as in years' past, he didn't really like playing in the white stuff. In fact, he would sometimes cry when he had to walk through it, and this wouldn't do.

Terry and I tried to get him excited about it -- citing the fact that we were going to take a little winter vacation getaway with his best buddy William who DOES like playing in the snow, and that appeared to work. When we visited William's house last week, Kyle wanted to play outside in the snow that day. However, they were both recovering from colds and it was frigid outside, so his mom and I discouraged it.

This weekend we got more snow, and lo and behold, he played outside with his big sister -- not once, but twice throughout the weekend -- even making his first snow angel.

I don't know if he's "cured" or not, but I'm glad that they could enjoy some healthy winter fun.

Speaking of which, I want to clear up any misconception that I might have created. I do not like to shovel snow. The point I was making in that post was that if there's something I enjoy doing (or should be doing, like snow-shoveling), and it has the added benefit of exercise, that's a good thing, because I can feel less guilty about not "exercising" regularly.


In honor of Martin Luther King Jr day, I reprinted my Freedom Walkers review (that I first published two years ago here) over on 5 Minutes for Books. Check it out. Reading it over, I reminded myself what an excellent book it was.


Karla E. said...

Jennifer, send that boy to live with me in Texas. He's obviously a warm weather boy. ;) My kids played outside today...from 9 am until the sun went down. They enjoyed the one ice storm we had here two years ago, and they love the once a year trip to Colorado...but that's enough for all of us.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Will has been saying, "I don't like to be cold" for 2 weeks. lol. Poor kid. We stayed home from church Sunday (just wasn't worth the effort to battle 4+ inches of snow with an infant) and they played outside as daddy shoveled. They even piled up snow for a fort. The snow is one of my favorite things about RI. Everything looks so beautiful right now. Remind me of that in March!

Katrina said...

Logan played in the snow for the first time last weekend. He was pretty sure he couldn't walk, once we put on his snowpants and boots, but soon he was running around, enjoying the white stuff. Except, he didn't want any snow on his gloves. As soon as some got on there, he'd start screaming, "Clean it off! Clean it off!"