Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reviews and Contests

I try to link to my work in other places, but I often forget. Here are some current contests and reviews I've written:

Many people (including me!) resolve to get their act together food-wise in the New Year. You can win a copy of The Baby Fat Diet over at 5M4M. It's NOT just for new moms, but I did love how it was written with a mom's lifestyle and responsibilities in mind.

This giveaway is over, but I never linked to How to Be a Geek Goddess, which is a great book that helped me learn my way around the computer.

Have you checked out 5 Minutes for Giveaways? I have three current reviews there, and one ends Friday:

The Crock Pot eLume: I can't even tell you how happy I was to get this product for review. Wait -- I can show you! Meet my beautiful new Crock Pot as she outshines my sixteen-year-old wedding gift Crock Pot whose knob fell off this year, and whose lid is cloudy and whose exterior is stained. I won't miss her!

Mamma Mia DVD: This movie just makes me smile.

Chrissa Stands Strong
is the first time that American Girl has made a movie in conjunction with the new girl of the year DVD. You can read mine and Amanda's thoughts and enter to win one of five copies.

And over at 5 Minutes for Books, I posted a schedule for upcoming months for Children's Classics and Classics Bookclub. See if you might want to join us. Start reading Les Miserables now. You won't regret it -- I promise.


Martha said...

Jennifer! I am so coveting that crock pot! That is my save all many nights when I have meetings after school and kids to run around all night! I want it!!!! You have too many hits though! I will try to find one on sale somewhere!

Contest-Gal said...

Wow! nice prize..I hope I can win it..Every mom or girl who love the things in the kitchen will love the giveaways:)