Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Surviving the Stomach Bug

Since we survived the bout that ravaged through our family last week, I thought I'd share some tips. Most are probably common knowledge, but I did want to share about one new product that I found.

My four-year-old (the first offender) was just fine when he woke up the next morning after throwing up a few times. He wanted breakfast, so I gave it to him, and he was fine.

SURVIVAL TIP #1: Do not feed them unless they specifically ask.

When my husband and I were sick, we didn't take one bite until well into the afternoon. My ten-year-old daughter felt the same way later in the week. However, she did want something, so I went shopping for popsicles, because small sips (or licks as it might be) won't usually come back up. She gave me very specific instructions on flavors (no grape or cherry or strawberry). I found something that not only fit the flavor instructions, but solved the drippy mess that popsicles generally become:

Popsicle Mighty Minis
. They are advertised as "bite-sized" and "long-lasting." and they are. They are a bit smaller in diameter than the bullet pops about 3 inches long. The truth is I'm a bit of a popsicle Scrooge, even in the summer time, but I think that I'm a convert now. These are perfect!

SURVIVAL TIP #2: Antibacterial or bleach wipes. These are SO convenient, and while I don't use them for my routine cleaning, I loved being able to swab down the toilet and the sink throughout the day (although it apparently didn't keep the rest of us well this time around).

SURVIVAL TIP #3: Teach the kids to use the bucket.

SURVIVAL TIP #4: Remember it's almost always over in 24 hours, which makes it a bit more bearable.

For more (less icky) tips, visits Rocks in My Dryer each week for Works-for-Me-Wednesday.


Katrina said...

Oh, those mini popsicles look very cool. All my guys like popsicles, but I almost never buy them. These might make it into my freezer though.

Glad you're all feeling better.

Grateful for Grace said...

I wish I had known this in the beginning of our week. Check my blog and you'll see the stomach bug is winning here. I may get my dh to pick up those pops anyway, though.

I, too, have loved the antibac wipes. Good tools!!

Glad you all are better!

Lisa writes... said...

I rarely buy popsicles either!

Great tips. Hope y'all are on the upswing!

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Oh, how I hate the stomach bug! That is a good tip about the popsicles, though! I guess there is just no way to keep it from spreading through the whole family. Our last stomach bug I really tried to keep the sick child quarantined and sprayed Lysol on everything. All 5 of us still got it!