Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Chilihead!

I am privileged to count Katrina at Callapidder Days as one of my best friends in real life. I can confidently say that she feels the same way. Our journey together started over ten years ago (really? ten years?). She and I "met" on a board shortly after our eldest children (Amanda and Camden) were born.

Finding support in the scheduling style of parenting (eat, wake, sleep, repeat) as opposed to demand-based feeding proved to be hard on that particular board. So, I started a new thread asking anyone interested in an offline support group to email me. I do believe that Beth was first. Lori is also a member. There are also 7 other non-blogging moms in our group who each have ten-year-old children.

I honestly don't remember much about Katrina in those early months or possibly the first year. She wasn't able to come to our first "reunion get-together" that snowballed from a casual mention one Christmas and ended up with a majority of us meeting up in California in April 2000 (I think?). But she and I did meet at two other get-togethers that the group has had since then. We've been part of smaller groups that did online Bible/book studies together, and in the last four years or so, we've gotten even closer, partly after establishing an intentional accountability relationship to become better wives/mothers/children of God.

I don't know if blogging has intensified our friendship or if our friendship intensified our blogging. It's probably been a bit of both.

Back in the spring of 2006, I mentioned that I had thought of starting a blog (I think I actually had started a secret blog, but abandoned it). She told me that she had recently started a blog and shared the link with me. So I jumped in as well, and it's been fun to see our audiences and opportunities grow over the last three years.

So what's up with the title to this post? Well it's a nod to a powerful pair of bloggers who are also real-life friends: Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer and Melanie/Chilihead at Don't Try This at Home.

Shannon is of course a huge blog-star, and as her star rose the also-talented Chilihead received attention by association.

When Katrina had her first (of many wildly successful) reading challenges I cried, "I'm Chilihead!" meaning, "You're my pal, and I'm hoping to experience any residual bump from your traffic that comes my way."

When I began my affiliation with 5 Minutes for Mom, Katrina cried "I'm Chilihead!"

Regardless -- it's been fun having a friend along for the Bloggy ride. I'm proud to know her personally and also professionally.

She was chosen as a top-ten finalist in the Scholastic Parent and Child Mommy Blogger awards. The nominations were open for a while, and they hand picked the top ten from the 500 entries. This is no popularity contest -- it's a true testament to the quality of her blog. The top five will be featured in their print magazine.

So, I invite you to check out the finalists, but I hope that you'll vote for my friend and favorite blogger Callapidder Days.


Dianne said...

Been there, done that already (Voted)! Yeah Katrina!

Carrie said...

Yup - I voted too!

The background story of your friendship is very neat to hear!

Lisa writes... said...

I love Katrina! Going to vote now!

heather said...

What a fun Internet testimony! I have a friend I met through blogging, we've since met in real life twice, and I count her among my closest friends.

Org Junkie said...

I love this post and reading about your relationship. I actually voted for her yesterday. She's awesome!

Katrina said...

You're the best! Thank you for spreading the word about the contest. But thank you even more for your incredible friendship and for sharing our story so eloquently in this awesome post!

e-Mom said...

Hi Jennifer! I voted for Callapidder. Bless you for your three years of great blogging. :~D

Kate said...

Sooo fun having real life friends in the bloggy world, what a great way to give a shout out to your friends!! I voted for Katrina!! :)

LOVE the new look of your blog BTW!!! :D

Lori said...

Katrina is the best!! I'm voting for her everyday!

Can't even believe it's been 10 years... Remember you and I sharing the guest bedroom at Laurie's in-laws home that strange and wonderful weekend?! I'm so glad we discovered each other way back when...