Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Recurrence (and my Reviews)

Last night I was awakened with a plaintive wail, "Mom?"

I stumbled out of bed and found Amanda in the hallway, in the exact spot where she did NOT make it to the bathroom last month. She had her small pillow that she sleeps with it, and her head was pressed to it as she was curled up in Muslim prayer position.

"Are you going to be sick?" I asked. "Get into the bathroom! Do not get sick here on the carpet," I ordered suggested compassionately.

"I don't know if I can make it," she moaned.

"Crawl," I told her, as I began to drag her the four feet to the more-easily-cleaned bathroom tile.

She made it, and I sat with her, and after a bit she did make her deposit.

"I feel a little better now," she said. "Sorry for waking you up."

I assured her that it was okay for her to wake me up when she was sick (and also knew that if she hadn't have awakened me, I might have been cleaning the carpet again). She went back to bed and slept through the night. I turned off my alarm, because of the 30 minute interruption, and knowing that I wouldn't have to be sure she was up and ready for school.

At 6:50am, she came into my room. "I feel better. Should I go to school?"

Terry and I conferred, and decided that she should probably stay home given the activities that occurred only four hours before. Since she seems to be done getting sick, I think that she'll be feeling too well to be at home today, but given the possible contagion and embarrassing potential for public barfing, staying home is obviously the right choice.


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This week at 5 Minutes for Mom, there's a Mother of the Year gift package. The book is fine (cute if you like little anecdotal compilations), but the little bag I got with it is adorable! So enter to win through Sunday.

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A guest contributor did an On Reading column on Book Swapping Sites, and I think I've finally decided to give one a try. Have you had any good or bad experiences with such sites?

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morninglight mama said...

Oh man! I hope the 'vominating' (as my son used to say when he was little) has come to an absolute end in your house!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

I hope she is still fine now, and I am glad it was a little easier for all of you this time!

Katrina said...

Oh no! Poor Amanda, and poor you. I hope that was the end of the puking and that she's recovered now. And yes -- keeping her home was definitely the right choice.

I started PaperbackBookSwap recently and have had an all-good experience. I've sent out 5 books, and requested 3 -- got them without a hitch. New books for the price of media mail shipping of an old one is a good deal, I think.