Sunday, February 01, 2009

Speaking of Potties

Well, I wasn't technically speaking of potties, but I think that being the mother of a four-year-old son means that I could be talking about it or thinking about it or cleaning it up at any given time.

Kyle and I picked Amanda up at school last week, and Kyle thought I parked too far away. He pointed to the empty spaces closer to the school, and I told him that I couldn't park there.

"Oh, the ones with the person on the potty is only for Grandmommies?"

When my grandmother came to visit in September, she had her handicapped tag, so we did indeed use those spaces. I have no idea why he would remember that, but it reminded me of something Amanda said when she was about his age.

Someone was talking about being handicapped, or maybe we were with someone who had a walker or wheelchair or something, and Amanda said, "My mom used to be handicapped."

She was referring to the few months that I had a handicapped tag because I was recovering from my ACL surgery. Parking that extra fifty feet closer made a huge difference, being on crutches and having a preschooler to keep up with.

And one more Kyle-related potty comment before I go:

The other day as he was running to the powder room (he still always runs everywhere), he said, "Babies say 'I have to go potty,' but big kids say, 'I have to go to the lavatory,' or 'I have to go to the bathroom.'"

The lavatory? Apparently the preschool teachers are getting them ready for Kindergarten English boarding school.


Karla E said...

The lavatory? You are so raising a New England kid. ;)

Maddy said...

Oh good grief! If I had ever said the word 'lavatory' at my English Boarding school I'd have had my mouth washed out with soap.

I know, lets make it even more confusing.....teach preschoolers ready for Kindergarten, to say that they need to visit the 'throne room'.......although that's probably not acceptable in a Republic.
Best wishes

morninglight mama said...

Ah yes, we had to ask for the "Lav Pass" in high school. Ha!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

So funny! I will never look at a handicapped tag the same again.

Katrina said...

Too cute! I love Kyle-isms.