Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Loose Ends

Sometimes fate casts a vote in a mother-daughter survey. Exhibit one -- items found on sale at TJ Maxx last week:

I am not going to be calling Mr. Greenjeans anytime and asking for a purple clothier referral, but these jeans (on sale for $10) have light purple stitching. I asked her if the red sweater had enough purple in it (the stripe that looks whitish is really lavender, and there's a true purple stripe, too), and she said, "No, but I like it anyway." I liked that it was $5. And of course she loved the purple sweater, and I loved that it was $1. Seriously. A dollar.

The shirt that she's sporting here was also one dollar. Apparently there's not much demand for Josie and the Pussycats purple rocker wear. I wasn't sure how she'd like this one, but she did.

I guess we'll call this Exhibit Two.

And in other news that you really don't care to hear, the trial ran out on my Advanced Woman Calendar that was supposed to help me remember my cycles, and once again it totally took me by surprise.

Yesterday I was in a total funk (not mean, just crazy), and didn't make the correlation at all until the evidence presented itself today.

Forget pregnancy brain. The thirty-five year old crazies have that trumped. At least when you're pregnant you have an extra twenty or forty pounds to remind you about the cause of your irrational behavior.

Speaking of "that time of the month," I reviewed a great little anthology over at 5 Minutes for Mom on first periods. You can read my review and enter to win one of five copies of My Little Red Book.


Carrie said...

HA! =D Well, looks like Amanda scored there with the purple shirts!

morninglight mama said...

Purple rocks-- I'm trying to steer my little redhead to purple over pink for beauty's sake... not so successful yet... :)

Great deals there!!

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

I'm glad you have luck with Amanda's clothes. I DREAD the clothes ordeal!

Katrina said...

Great deals on the clothes! And an extra bonus that you both like them.

Glad you figured out your funk...or that it got figured out for you. I was feeling really weird the other day -- funky-y and irritable for no reason... and then I remember about your 35-year-old crazies theory. I just happen to be 35, so I guess they're setting in.