Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Purple Power

Yesterday Carrie commented on Amanda's purple socks in the picture of her soaking in Spring. She's practically living in that navy sweatshirt she has on, so I guess her obsession with purple threads hasn't gone too far.

Purple power called to me once again at WalMart. She rejected the plummish corduroys (on the bottom right in the picture), but she loved the rest of the stuff. We had already decided that her winter coat, which had lasted for a year and a half, needed replacing next year, so when I saw this one on clearance for $7.00, you can imagine that I snatched it up!

Purple power!


Carrie said...


Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I just bought a sweater that has a little bit of lavender in it. I don't normally wear purple, but I liked this sweater. And, of course, I thought of Amanda when I bought it. :)

Jada said...

I love purple, too! I use purple pens at home and work, my bedroom and bathroom is decorated in purple, and I do have some purple clothing. My boss refers to purple as my signature color. I believe it is Amanda's, too! It seems that several of my friends who are also purple fanatics are administrative-minded like me. I wonder if Amanda has that trait/interest? It could be an interesting study! LOL

Lisa writes... said...

Love it!