Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sweet Simple Thursday

Last night when we were eating dinner, Kyle confirmed, "Tomorrow is 'do nothing day,' right?"

He has got our weekly schedule down pat. Monday Wednesday and Friday, he has school. Tuesday is library story day. And, Thursday? Thursday is the day that we can stay pajama'd for a few hours longer and enjoy the total lack of pressure that a day with no activities brings.

I can give laundry the attention it deserves. It's an odd combination --a continuous flurry of sorting, loading, unloading, drying, unloading and folding -- with lots of waiting in between. I can read a few pages while Kyle indulges in his television programs. I can write some reviews for 5 Minutes for Books that I never quite have the time to do. I can get some deep cleaning done, or if I'm lucky enough to have done it earlier in the week, reward myself in another way. While Kyle naps, I can indulge in more reading or a chick flick movie or a few episodes of my current TV on DVD series (right now I'm on Season 2 of Brothers and Sisters).

Kyle likes activity, as do I for the most part, but we both have come to crave this day each week that I strive to protect. On our sweet stay-at-home Thursday I avoid quick trips to the supermarket and even social gatherings when possible. This year, as Amanda has joined in some after-school activities at her new school, the taxi driver mom's hat has been much more prominent than in years' past. I'm sure that I'll be wearing it even more as the years progress until she earns that magic driver's license herself.

But for now -- we have Thursday.

Do you make sure you have a "sweet simple Thursday" in your weekly lineup (regardless of the day of the week it falls)? Or is a day out the contrast in your normal week of staying home?


Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

That would be Sunday for me. We come home from church and try our best to do nothing for the rest of the day. It's our day to read, play board games, and (weather permitting) play outdoors together as a family.

Carrie said...

Enjoy your "do nothing" day today! My day turned into a "do nothing" day since my car has a veeeery flat tire on it that will have to wait for Jonathan to get off work to fix. So we're homebound but that's ok for me!

My stay-at-home days vary from week-to-week. Apparently this week its Thursday.

Katrina said...

We have many stay-home days, simply because it takes me a long time to work up the energy to take my 2-year-old out in public! This week, we had a special go-shopping (for appliances) day, which Logan thoroughly enjoyed. :)