Saturday, March 14, 2009

Want some Pi?

Today -- 3/14 -- is Pi Day.

Yesterday Amanda was trying to explain to her little brother Kyle what it meant, showing him the table-like symbol that her teacher had drawn on her face.

She asked him, "Kyle, what's a kind of pie/pi you can't eat?"

"Mud pies?" he answered, proving that he's very quick on the uptake.


Yahoo news alerted me yesterday to the death of Myrtice McCurdy, who was known for only wearing purple. After reading about her, I think that Amanda couldn't follow after a more worthy role model.


I haven't posted what I've been up to, reading-wise, in a couple of weeks.

I am looking forward, as always, to participating in Katrina's Spring Reading Thing. It excites me to set that goal for the season -- to really think about what I'm going to read. I also love reading about others' reading habits.

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morninglight mama said...

Oh... I thought of pie all day long today, but never got around to doing anything about it... probably for the best, since the other day was apparently Cookie Day when lovely hubby made a double batch of choc chip cookies!

Lisa writes... said...

I a math major and never knew pi had its own day.

Katrina said...

I saw this post on Pi Day and told Camden about it -- he was very glad to know that pi has its very own day. :)