Monday, April 13, 2009


You know those mornings (or afternoons, or evenings), where everyone seems to be overheated? Testy or tired or troubled? Moods running hot?

Well yesterday morning was one of those days. We were trying to get off to church, leaving a bit early so that we'd be able to park and sit in "our spot" on the most crowded Sunday of the year. We made it to the car (with some whimpering and complaining still going on), and we were about ten minutes from home when Terry said, "That's weird. The car is overheating." He swung into a school parking lot and turned back towards home, fearing that a belt or something would snap at any moment and leave us stranded.

My car was full of a vanity and a stone top for the bathroom remodel, so switching cars would have caused quite a delay (not to mention the fact that we didn't want to do manual labor while dressed up for Easter Sunday).

The day just wasn't off to a good start.

But once the fan started blowing through the engine, the heat came way down, so we turned back around and proceeded (All is well, but we have an appointment later in the week to have it checked out).

The only thing that wasn't running hot yesterday was the weather. It was nice and sunny, but windy and cold. I think that the temperature fell throughout the day, ranging between 42 and 48 degrees.


Alicia said...

I totally know those days!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Ugh -- sorry about the car trouble. Hope it gets fixed with minimal complications and/or cost.

Cold here too. 28 degrees when we left for church, but in the low 40's by the time we did our egg hunt in the afternoon.