Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Up and Down, Round and Round

The metaphor seems a bit tired, but I can't help but compare my recent experiences as a domestic engineer with life on the playground. Since it's still mostly cold and rainy here I don't have much recent real playground experience, but the thrills and chills and spills of everyday life -- I have in abundance.


A tranquil evening of playing games with my son leads to an exhilarating high of feeling like Supermom -- fun, patient, attentive. I'm the nice kid on the playground who includes everyone! Twelve hours later, feeling backed into a corner by that same preschooler in a public place, I sink to new lows. I'm either the bully or the victim, I'm not sure which.

Domestic Engineering:

In this case, bathroom remodeling, has put me through the mill! A couple of weeks ago I felt as if I was stuck "up" on the seesaw, as if someone was playing games with me, and I had no control to get myself out of the situation. Burdened with decisions, I was paralyzed. Twenty-four hours later I was euphoric -- swinging higher on the swing than I ever had. I found what I wanted! I put colors and pieces together! It was going to look great! Needless to say, that project has continued to be a series of ups and downs.


Marriage is like those mulch chips surrounding the playground. All the fun and mayhem that occur on the playground of life disturb that safe surrounding. Without regular and purposeful maintenance the playground becomes a dangerous place as the cushion erodes away.

Is it just me, or is your life a playground? Are you thrilled with a new skill or intimidated by a new piece of equipment you have to face? Are you exhilarated or so over-excited that you feel like you're going to throw up? Does it feel like fun or work?


Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Ah, excellent metaphors, and I can relate to them all. I'm currently on the merry-go-round of children's illnesses. We're on our fourth virus in a month -- and this time they both have it. I'm quite ready to get off the merry-go-round, but it hasn't slowed it's spinning long enough to let me jump...

Martha said...

Does Terry know you are comparing him to bark mulch? My life is like that too! Right now, it's the same playground that the kids want to go to over and over and I'm kind of bored of it. I need to find a new playground.

Wendy said...

Not just you...we are spinning over here too!
~ Wendy

Dad said...

OK, Being older, I have news for all of you (Jennifer and readers.
That is just life - not always a bed of roses, but all in all very fullfilling.
Daughter, you may be a little bit bipolar like your Dad. Slightly higher highs and slightly lower lows. I like to think that it makes us a little more interesting!