Thursday, May 07, 2009

Eat Your Vegetables

After spending a few days with the fun folks from the Love Your Veggies campaign, we all have a renewed commitment to eat our vegetables. For some more veggie fun, use the link right under my profile pic (on the right sidebar) to play Veggie Adventures, and trick show your kids that it's fun to Love Your Veggies.

This post was originally published in July 2008, but I enjoyed the reminders when I came across it when looking through my archives for another post recently (the recipe for my favorite Crock Pot dish).

I'm sure I'm not the only mom who has served her child cake for breakfast, as I did this morning, but I'm feeling a little defensive (however I guess this new post also incriminates me, since he's still in his pajamas after 10:00 a.m.).

I was cutting up some vegetables for Kyle and I to eat today, and I thought I'd post a few tricks that work as far as getting him to eat vegetables:

  • Let him snack. He is always feeling graze-y while I'm making dinner, so I allow him to snack at will on the veggies I'm cutting up. That leads me to the second point--
  • Try different shapes. When we bought the carrots, he was dying for "a whole carrot," so I let him eat it that way. I usually cut my bell peppers in strips for eating raw, but I was doing a large dice last night, and he said, "This is my favorite shape--rectangles." He ate more little rectangles than he normally does. Which leads to my next thought--
  • Raw is better. Not only do the nutrients stay completely in tact, both of my kids like them better. So, if I know that they are unlikely to devour the stir fry I'm preparing, I put a few raw veggies on their plates to eat.
  • Keep trying. Sometimes Kyle eats cauliflower, sometimes he doesn't. I keep trying different things (and now different shapes) and hope that a new veggie will sneak its way into his diet.


dianne said...

This goes for adults too! I almost always make a huge veggie tray for get togethers at my house because I know we'll eat the leftovers, no problem. So what prevents me from cutting up a bunch of vegs once a week or so! I too prefer them raw and get a kick out of playing with different ways to cut them up.

Kyle is getting so big!!

Carrie said...

Raw IS better so that's awesome you don't have to fight your kids over that one!

Good thoughts on the shapes. That's so cool.

Congrats on how much you are accomplishing with this!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Yeah, just keeping them available and handy works well for kids -- and adults, too. My kids are both good fruit & veggie eaters, thankfully. I just have a hard time getting meat and protein in them!