Monday, May 04, 2009

Farewell Naptime. You've Been a Good Friend.

I think that naptime is over for good around the Snapshot house.

I know that when I write about the loss of Kyle's naps, I get no sympathy and probably very little understanding. Kyle will turn five at the end of this month, and even at 4 1/2, he was still napping at least five days a week (and then sleeping ten or eleven hours at night).

In the last month or so, it's become obvious that he needed to nap less frequently. Yes, anytime I forced him to go to his bed, he would end up napping. Sometimes when I sent him to his room late in the afternoon, due to emotional breakdowns, he would fall asleep.

But then he either had trouble falling asleep at night or he woke up too early. My rule is that he doesn't get up until 7:00am (he has a digital clock in his room). He would often awaken around 6:30, but was usually pretty good about staying put. If he woke up around 6:00am, he ends up coming out, because "the clock isn't going fast enough."

Since my daughter gets up at 6:30am, I didn't really mind this too much, and was still willing to trade an early morning for some afternoon quiet time.

But in the last few weeks, he's taken only one or two naps, without too many emotional and tired repercussions. Yesterday he napped for the first time in a week. He actually had been asking to take a nap, because he wanted to stay up until 8:00pm, instead of sometimes going to bed at 7:30pm, as he does on a "no nap" day (that's started to look pretty good to me as well).

He went to bed around 1:30pm, and woke up at 3:00pm on his own (too-long naps were often his downfall as well). He went to bed at 8:00pm, and was still awake at 8:30 when I was putting something away in the hall closet outside his room. This morning he woke up at 5:45am.

The irony is that a friend and I were just emailing about this last night, as she shared that her son (who is almost 3) had been doing the same thing. I told her Kyle had taken a short nap, but I didn't worry about the consequences.

When I heard the pitter-patter of little feet before 5:45am, I wasn't really surprised. He came downstairs ready to justify his appearance, "I won't bother you mom. I won't be any trouble. I will just do something that will encourage me, and will keep me from asking you for things."

"So you want to play Wii?" I correctly surmised.

So, I'm blogging. He's racing (he recently received Mario Kart Double Dash as an early birthday present from his grandparents and he LOVES it). I think that Wii before 6:00am is sort of like eating candy for breakfast, but that was my solution for today.


Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Mario Kart before 6:00? You definitely win "fun mom of the day." :)

As the friend with the almost 3-year-old who's ready to abandon naps, I'm a little jealous that they worked out for you for so long... But I also feel lucky, because my first kid quit napping around age 2. I'm still going to try to find a way for L. to have "room time" without falling asleep, though... we'll see if it works or not.

Martha said...

Yea for Kyle! I can't believe he is about to be 5! Tell him to keep driving. That is Jason's favorite game and he has beat everyone and opened all the new courses!

stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

That makes me laugh that he wanted something to encourage himself. :) My 3 yo will nap a few times a week and inevitably, when she does, she is up until 10-10:30 at night. I would much rather her just have a rest time (books/toys) on her bed that be up later than I am at night! :) Thankfully the 2yo still naps and doesn't seem at all ready to drop it!

Dad said...

Mario Kart Wii before breakfast; clearly sounds like he is spoiled from Grandparents.
Martha, Kyle opened all the courses (at least, thta's what Amanda told me - I am way too old to compete with him - Kyle wants me to be "Baby Peach" so he can laugh at me.

Lisa writes... said...

I remember when my youngest gave up his nap; I missed it! Still do! :-)