Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kids' Picks -- Eric Carle and Margaret Haddix

As always -- we're reading over here at Snapshot house. I posted yesterday about some of the fabulous books I've recently read and reviewed, and now it's the kids' turn.

I interviewed my fifth-grader Amanda about her favorite this month:

Tell me about Double Identity.

It's good.

What is it about?

It's extremely hard to describe. It's just a really good book. You just have to read it to know. All the chapters end really exciting, so it's hard to stop reading.

Who should read it?

Anyone. Anyone. I've seen boys, girls, people with really low AR points (This is her way of saying that people who don't read as much as she does liked it too). Anyone. It's just an awesome book. That's all I can say.

Kyle (and I) recommend 10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle published in 2006. I didn't even really know that he was still publishing books, but I'm so happy that he is, and am going to make more of an effort to explore some of his less familiar books.

I tried to interview him, but he was a little contrary.

What's this book about?

I don't want to say.

Why should other children read it?

They should just check it out themselves, and then they'll know what it's about and if they like it.

What did you like about it?

I liked the button.

Yes, he did like the button. At the end, there's a rubber ducky squeaky sound, and even though he's almost 5, he likes to push it (over and over again).

This is a great book, inspired by a newspaper story that Carle read about a container of rubber ducks falling off a ship in transit. It's a good counting book, because each number is given a page, but it's even more, because it has an engaging story (and Carle's incomparable art). It also uses ordinal numbers (3rd, 4th etc), which is a great extension for slightly older readers.

Find out what more kids are recommending in 5 Minutes for Books' Kids' Picks Carnival.


Lori W. said...

Perry is reading "Found" right now from the same author. He is almost finished with it and can't put it down. I will be picking up "Double Identity" for him next... thanks for the recommendation, Amanda!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Oh - we never saw the Rubber Ducks book before, and L. is a big Eric Carle fan. I'll have to watch for that one.

stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

Haha. I love the interview with Kyle. That's what it would sound like if I interviewed N1. Either that or she would talk my ear off. :) I'm going to try and remember to do that next time.

morninglight mama said...

We're big fans of 'the button' in that book as well. If you liked EC's take on the true story, you should check out Ducky by Eve Bunting-- a more realistic version of the events. There's a cool wiki entry on it as well-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friendly_Floatees

Cynthia said...

I like Eric Carle books, too, but we haven't read that one. And if it makes noise, I'm sure it will be a hit around here!

Heather J. said...

we've never gone wrong with Eric Carle book - they are always excellent!