Monday, May 11, 2009

Life Imitates Art

My family treated me to a lovely Mother's Day lunch yesterday.

The place we went had a special three-course Mother's Day menu. The waiter took our orders for all three courses, and a few minutes later, two servers were bringing out our desserts.

I was baffled and a little speechless. I finally got out, "Um -- We're not having dessert right now. We haven't gotten our entrees yet."

The waiter saw what had happened, and came over and explained. Because he entered everything into the system at once, it all went to the kitchen at the same time, and the girls at the dessert station were on task, so they came out quickly!

They took them away and returned with our appetizers right away, but Amanda said, "Kyle, aren't you and Mommy reading a book about a girl who wants to have her dessert first??"

We are indeed.

I've been spending some time Reading Together with Kyle this month. We are reading an early chapter book called Dessert First. He loves the chapter book format, and since his reading is getting better and better, and sort of hoping that by the time we have our long drive for our summer vacation in July that he might be willing to try to read a real book by himself (with some help from me and his big sis).

When Dessert's (yes, that's her name) third-grade teacher Mrs. Howdy Doody challenges her students to march to the beat of their own drummers, Dessert decides to insist on being served dessert first before her dinner each night.

This is a cute early chapter book. Her parents own a restaurant, so there's lots of vivid (yummy) food writing. One objection I have (easily remedied when reading aloud) is that she uses words like "crud" and "darn." Not a huge deal, but it's not entirely necessary, is it?


We also had our traditional Mother's Day photo shoot. These are stressful events for us, because

  1. Apparently I'm a really big control freak (I usually take the pictures, and I know what I want).
  2. One of the people in the photo shoot is a crazy preschooler.
  3. My husband doesn't like that sort of thing (he doesn't like the Father's Day photo sessions either).
However, I think that they came out alright, and Amanda looks great! Usually she gets the brunt of the anger, because when Kyle finally looks normal and appropriately photogenic, Amanda has looked away or is talking to him, but not this time.


Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Great pictures! And Amanda is getting SO tall!

Sounds like a nice Mother's Day. I think I would have been tempted to just eat that dessert. :)

Martha said...

Love the pictures. Your kids have gotten so big! I especially like Kyle's pose in the second pic. Keep up the photo sessions, we do it every Easter too!

morninglight mama said...

You all look incredibly happy, and no one looks at all annoyed like I always did when my mom made us take pictures! :)

Happy Mom's Day, belated as it is!

Carrie said...

And even YOU wore PURPLE!!!! =D

Now THAT'S being a good mom! (Although you do look good in purple. Just saying all of this for Amanda's sake, of course.)

Lisa writes... said...

Look at all that purple!

Lisa writes... said...

Oh yeah, I meant to add: dessert (with coffee) first sounds like my kind of meal! And if it's chocolate, you better believe it!