Sunday, June 21, 2009

DAD -- Delightful Awesome Dude

Yes, this morning we stood with tradition and took the annual picture of the parent of the day with the kids (and in this case, Terry's FFM, Shadow).

The card that Amanda made for Terry was really sweet. On the front was an acrostic (love the acrostic) saying Delightful Awesome Dude. Since she's growing up and better able to express herself, the inside had some really nice words as well.

Our Father's Day was low-key but I think that we all enjoyed it.


DAD said...

I thought I was the AWESOME!!!! one.

morninglight mama said...

Happy day to your hubby! We had a house full of friends and their kids over for a brunch on Sunday-- good food, great people and a whole mess of kids makes for a great Daddy's day. ;)

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Aw - great pictures! Ours was pretty low-key as well.

Anne Gormly said...

I really liked the DAD photos; we are waiting for Kevin to join this wonderful club. We are in Reston just passing time. Nice website. I have bookmarked it on my computer. Anne Gormly